Penn & Teller: Bullshit!

End of the World

Season 1, Ep 4, Aired 2/14/03
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  • Since before many of us could remember, there have been claims that the world was going to end. In this episode of Bullsh**!, Penn and Teller will take a look into these claims and predictions, From the misinterpretations of Nostradamus, to the famous and million-dollar book series: Left Behind. Then we'll visit a couple who live in the wild woods to survive, but cannot hunt and a camp where people learn survival skills out in the woods just to survive the end of the world. These lessons turn out to be useless as they accomplish nothing. Plus, a survivalist has linked 40 school buses into an underground shelter for a community of people to live in when the bombs start falling. The end of the world may be coming, but why bother being involved in all the bullsh**? If the world ends, then it ends. Penn and Teller explains all this Bullsh** in this End of the World episode. Guest experts in this episode include: Richard Ticho (New Yorker Survivalist Student) Jerry Jenkins (Coauthor of the "Left Behind" book series) Texe Marrs (Christian Researcher and Author) Hal Lindsey (Author) Bruce Beach (Survivalist, Builder Ark II survivalist shelter) James Randi (Skeptic, Magician, Escape Artist, Author) Tom Brown (Founder, Tracker Wilderness Survival School) John Hogue (Author) Father Dave Heney (Catholic Priest, Author) David Richichi (New Yorker Survivalist Student)moreless

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    • Cameraman: Do you think this tape will ever air? Bruce Beach: I don't give that a very high probability.

    • Bruce Beach: This is the largest private shelter in the world. Penn: WOW! Sounds amazing! Bruce Beach: It's been built out of 42 school buses. Penn: ....maybe not.

    • Penn: Bruce calls his underground empire "Ark II". The reason you can't see it is because the local fire dept. has sealed it shut. Ironically, they say it's a safety hazard.

    • Marrs: [responding to critics] But, listen, it says in the last days, for example, every person will receive a mark. Go to the beach today. Watch television. EVERYBODY has tattoos. It's trendy!

    • Penn: [on Hal Lindsey] It sure doesn't help your credibility when you get caught making sh*t UP! Better to be vague.

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    • James Randi a outspoken critic of those in the paranormal or psychic world made a appearance on today's episode.

    Trivia (1)

    • Two further pieces of James Randi's Nostradamus interview are shown in the deleted scenes on the first season dvd.

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