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  • 9.8

    An eye-opening experience

    By tallguy07, Nov 16, 2010

    Penn and Teller use their unique style of presentation to bring some truths and half-truths about how bad the things that are good for us are and how good the bad things for us are. Informative and eye opening, it is entertaining thanks to Penn voice overs calling somebody a stupid mother effer or a lying a$$hole. It makes it feel less like a documentary and more like a P&T stage show. Add to that, the sprinkling of scatly clad or nude ladies (and yes nude men too, for those that prefer that) makes for a entertaining and fun show. >moreless

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  • 8.5

    bullsh** is the sh**

    By tjtalman, Aug 04, 2010

    I really would have never of thought that Penn and Teller could be so funny. The show tells it how it is and i love it. All the show is them sending out camera crews and getting them to go talk to people who are involved in that weeks topic and point out how ridiculous they are or being, and usually one person who is right and telling the truth on the subject. If you want to hear some truth on TV watch this.

    oh and if you like T*** and A** they usually show that on every episode to.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Penn & Teller: **** is a fantastic show. It's a blistering, take no prisoners approach that gores the sacred cows on both the left and right. Rare in these days of politically correct comedy. And it's funny that censors the very name of the show!

    By scotchex2, Oct 16, 2008

    Penn & Teller: **** is a fantastic show. It's a blistering, take no prisoners approach that gores the sacred cows on both the left and right. Rare in these days of politically correct comedy.

    Penn & Teller is best when it's tearing apart the pseudoscientific foundations of the latest nonsense ideas. Whether it's recycling, global warming, weight loss fads, bottled water, or religion -- Penn & Teller are willing to wade in and mercilessly mock the stupid and the ignorant.

    I particular enjoy their attacks on psychics. They've exposed all the psychics as frauds and shown how techniques like "cold reading" are used to fool people. I agree with Penn & Teller that there are few forms of life on the planet lower than the frauds that exploit the pain and loss of strangers for financial gain -- and that's what psychics do everyday.

    Another good episode was their filling bottles with tap water from a hose and getting rich morons to believe it was gourmet bottled water. Listening to the rubes claim to taste all sorts of non-existent flavors in hose water was hilarious. What's sad is all the money spent on this nonsense in real life.

    Penn & Teller are great for America.moreless

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  • 10

    Skepticism for the perfectly good masses

    By typicallucas, Sep 24, 2008

    This show is a great view into the minds of Penn & Teller. They are great skeptical thinkers and in this show they use Penn's brash way of talking to expose fakes and frauds in our world. Penn and his friends have long railed against psychics that claim to be able to communicate with the dead. Penn & Co. have always tried to expose these psychics for preying upon the grieving and lying to use human suffering to make money. It is no coincidence that the very first episode of the first series dealt with this issue.

    The names Penn calls the accused "woo-woo-artists", liars, "whack-jobs", and con-artists may be a turn off initially for skeptics and believers. I find it a great display of rebellion against the belief that some of these con-artists (especially religious leaders) are beyond reproach. Because to Penn they're all just a-holes.moreless

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  • 10

    As Albert Einstein said : "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

    And even if it sometimes hurts our pride, Penn & Teller ultimately show us how wrong we can all be.

    By Philonimbus, Jun 09, 2008

    This show should be shown throughout every classroom. It's fun and educative.

    Imagine a show where you could actually learn something about yourself. That you were made to believe. And I'm not talking about religion, I'm talking about the lack of common sense we all sometimes experience. This show focuses on the lack of judgement we show in the face of a good salesman. Because it's all down to profit. Why else would someone try to scam you.

    So two things to remember about this show :

    - if it seems too good, it probably isn't true,

    - if it's also expensive, then it really is Bulls**!moreless

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  • 9.0

    It is a great show but just like its title it can be bullsh**

    By SuperJimi, Nov 28, 2007

    Let's start off with the shows name. It is a crime that even on this website the name has to be childishly changed because of censorship. The show is good for one thing and one thing only, to get you thinking. It makes you think about this world around us. To see the views of others and start debate. You should not take everything the writers for Penn and Teller's Bullsh** says as the bona fide truth. It is biased documentary. The show itself has stated a few times it is biased. So, watch, listen and think. Exercise your curiosity, if the particular episode you are watch intrigues you, and research for yourself. The truth is out there but you have to form your own opinion of it.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Informative and Controversial and very funny

    By Richiebcfc25, Jul 13, 2007

    i find this show such a breath of fresh air

    I love the witty and funny way penn and teller put there points across.

    I also like the wide range of controversial topics they cover such as the bible and creationism and abstinance the way they show how absurd some things are in this world is great and there should be more debate on these topics on mainstreem Tv instead on a obscure cable channel.

    Penn and Teller seem to have the guts to stand up and say what they believe and dont care who they upset and i Love them for that.moreless

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  • 8.8

    Penn & Teller drew me in with their potty mouths and language but it's been the correcting information for which I never knew that has kept me watching.

    By tbipenguin, Jul 05, 2007

    Only once have I disagreed with Penn & Teller and even if I disagreed with them every time their personalities and showman ship would definately be enough to keep me watching every single episode! Different from most shows on TV it brings to light the information we are fed by the governments of the world as gospel and forced to believe and gives both sides of arguements and issues so one can make their own mind up. As an Australian it is great most are relevant to us as well as Americans as ultamately we are all people and P&T is great for everbodymoreless

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  • 8.5

    Watch!, as Penn & teller lead us through this bullsh!t world. I agree with most of what they say, and i think that their take on almost every case is the right way to go.

    You have to be a little critical when you watch it though, because so

    By xoxs, May 24, 2007

    Watch!, as Penn & teller lead us through this bullsh!t world. I agree with most of what they say, and i think that their take on almost every case is the right way to go.

    You have to be a little critical when you watch it though, because sometimes they say sh!t that's so stupid that i couldn't believe what i just heard, like they're idea to give all women in America guns. They're reason for this is that the people who aren't as strong should be able to protect themselves. That's however where i put my foot down, America is the country in the western world that has the worst gun policy, and as a following of that the most murders. I live in Denmark, and we actually hear about it every time people get killed, and its mostly in traffic accidents that people die, why? Because we aren't hairy barbarians with to much testosteron and an itchy trigger finger. Weapons are illegal for everyone, except the state, that is to say the police and the army. The reason that that works in Denmark is that here we can actually trust the authorities most of the time. Guns are illegal, and so people don't kill each other.

    "Guns don't kill people, people (with guns) kill people" - quote by me. And an even better one by brittish comedian Eddie Izzard "Guns don't kill people, people kill people, and monkeys do to (if they have a gun).

    That's the general trend of what they get wrong, they never look at ways that actually work around the world, they try to come to a conclusion, and so fail (in my oppinion).

    Apart from a few episodes like that though, i think that they are very smart people, or at least Penn is, but i can only assume that the forever silent Teller has the same oppinion.moreless

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