Penn & Teller: Bullshit!


Season 1, Ep 9, Aired 3/21/03
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  • There are many people who feel they need help or are trying to find themselves. So they invest their money and faith into products and services which they believe will improve their lives. Do these products and classes really improve your life? For one day, a group of people attend a one-day that teaches you how to become better cope with life by walking on broken glass and hot coals which, by what the instructor claims, is a breakthrough in the person's life. It seems like a big deal, but in reality-it's not. Penn and Teller show you how much bullsh** is in these self-help programs and show you that the only help you need is to help yourself. Special Guest Experts include: Hale Dwoskin (CEO of Sedona Training Associates, Author of "Happiness is Free") Dr. Steve Lovinson (Clinical Psychologist) William Cone PhD (Clinical Psychologist) David Willey (Physics Instructor, University of Pittsburgh) Gail Baiman (Founder of Universal Rememberance University, Certified Firewalk Instructor) Pat Allen (Psychotherapist and Relationship Therapist)moreless

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    • Firewalk leader: For raising energy, we have a very interesting chant. It's Native doesn't mean anything.
      Penn: Nicely done. Just dismiss an entire language and culture. I guess all the windtalkers were just spouting gibberish.

    • Penn: The Pat Allen Show has been brought to you by....ANXIETY!...CONFUSION!...and CHRONIC DEPRESSION! And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

    • Penn: Ah, poor Tina. She appears to have hit a bump in the road to Enlightenment...I'm speaking metaphorically of course. SHE'S HITTING A BOARD!

    • Penn: My nephew, Denny, sent me this hunting arrow. The aluminum. The tip...expands when it pierces something similar to a neck. Imagine how much fear you could conquer...with this sucker. Teller's gonna send it to them for their next workshop...they'll only need one. Make sure you don't chicken out and stop partway! [laughs]

    • Penn: [Penn's final thought on Dwoskin] Could we move on from this guy? Yes. Would we like to? F*cking A! When? Right now!

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    Notes (1)

    • This episode marks Dr. William Cone's second appearance on the show, the first being in the Alien Abductions episode.

    Trivia (3)

    • It's interesting to note that when the clients are bending the rebar between them, even the hosts realize how dangerous it is. The viewer can see in a close-up that they aren't actually pushing directly into a piece of rebar with their necks, they're actually resting it on a folded piece of money on their necks.

    • Bumper Sticker seen on the wall in the Universal Remembrance University: "Shift Happens"

    • Dwoskin appears to inadvertently break the chair he's using as a prop when he demonstrates his method.

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