Pensacola: Wings of Gold

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    Pensacola Wings of Gold was the best military show on TV. James Brolin was was great. Liked the show better the second season. When I buy a DVD of the shows?

    By shengel, Sep 27, 2007

    Great Show. I am a former crewmember of the supercarrier, USS SARATOGA CVA60 and loved every episode of PWOG. James Brolin was great in the show and it had an outstanding cast. It was very realistic and I liked it better than JAG and I saw every eposide of JAG ever made.

    Where can I buy a DVD of a season of PWOG? I would like to buy a DVD of all the seasons. Why was the show taken off TV. I really, really miss it. The episodes that were filmed on an aircraft,of course, were my favorites. The two part show on carrier qualifications was excellent.moreless

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    Show about Marines and Navy personel.

    By chrisbd1, Nov 18, 2005

    I like this show, when it was on, and do dearly miss it. I think now is the time for positive military shows and I think many people would appreciate it. The first season followed a group of Navy and Marines as they form an elite fighting unit. The second and third season follows Navy pilots exclusivly. The show ended with the Mother of All Cliffhangers and I want to know what happened!

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