News Briefs: Uhhhh... History Is Remaking Roots

By Tim Surette

Nov 06, 2013


... One of television's greatest and most sacred miniseries is getting the reboot. History Channel, the network that's found success with The Bible: Television Edition and Hatfields & McCoys & Costners & Paxtons, is remaking the seminal and landmark miniseries Roots. The 1977 ABC mini was a HUGE television event that tackled the taboo subject of slavery in colonial America. The project may have gotten a boost in interest from History following early Oscar buzz for 12 Years a Slave. [Variety]


... NBC has asked for four more scripts from Sean Saves the World. WHYYYYY!?!?!!? [THR]

... Rumor time! Gossipers are saying that Ryan Murphy is planning to spin off Glee as a vehicle for Lea Michele in order to end the series in an agreeable way while still keeping it alive in some form. Details on the project are nil, and may I remind you that this is just unsubstantiated chatter, so don't go blabbing it around as fact or else we'll all look like dopes. [Radar Online]

... The CW is developing yet another superhero series, this time taking aim at Hourman. Who? He's a DC Comics character who can foresee bad things that happen exactly one hour in the future. Attention everybody: I am sick of superheroes. [THR]

... Want to see the first new image from Sherlock Season 3? Okay!

... Fox is developing a weird little show from the mind of Eureka co-creator Jaime Paglia. The premise follows two rival families, one white and one Latino, involved in the world of car customization and street racing in Southern California. There's even a Romeo & Juliet twist, as kids from each family fall in forbidden love. It's like Welcome to the Family meets The Fast & The Furious and you bet I'll be calling this Welcome to the Fast & Furious. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Is The CW becoming a place for teen-oriented period pieces? The network that's already airing Reign is adapting the novel The Painted Girls for television. The book is set in 1880s France during the "Belle Epoque" era, and follows a trio of women at a ballet academy. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Lifetime has greenlit an adaptation of the Broadway musical The Trip to Bountiful. The series would star theater originals Cicely Tyson and Vanessa Williams, as well as Blair Underwood and Keke Palmer, in the story about an elderly woman (Tyson) who goes on a journey to the town of Bountiful despite protests from her son and daughter-in-law. Sounds exciting! Look for it in 2014. [Lifetime via press release]


... Treme's Khandi Alexander has been cast as Olivia Pope's mother on Scandal. She'll appear throughout this season on a recurring basis, in flashbacks... because her character is dead, duh. But if you watch the show, you already knew that. You'll first see Alexander in this Thursday's episode, meaning that some people knew about this news for weeks and didn't say anything! How rude. [THR]

... Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, also known as the two broke girls of CBS's 2 Broke Girls, have been named the hosts of the People's Choice Awards. That sounds about right. The awards ceremony will be telecast on January 8 on CBS. [CBS via press release]

... Rob Corddry (The Daily Show, Childrens Hospital) will make a guest appearance on ABC's Trophy Wife as a martial-arts instructor. He'll play Sensei Rick, whose aggressive teachings counter Pete's preconceptions of the discipline after he lets his kids take karate. [EW]

... Everyone's favorite time traveler Jason O'Mara (Life on Mars, Terra Nova) has landed the lead in the USA pilot from Burn Notice creator Matt Nix called Complications. O'Mara will play an ER doctor whose life is changed when he intervenes with a drive-by shooting. One of these days, O'Mara will finally get a gig on a series that lasts more than a season. [Deadline Hollywood

... Cheyenne Jackson will remain a member of the Ryan Murphy family. Jackson, who played Vocal Adrenaline coach Dustin Goolsby on Glee, has joined Murphy's HBO pilot Open, a drama about human sexuality. Jackson will play a sexy meth addict, which is, like, totally redundant. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Game of Thrones has added Russian actor Yuri Kolokolnikov to its Season 4 cast. Koloklo— Klokonvo— argh, Yuri will play Styr, the leader of the tribesmen Thenn, a clan north of the Wall that's part of Mance Rayder's army. [EW]


... Steven Yuen, who plays Glenn on The Walking Dead, attended the Walker Stalker Convention, a celebration of his show, and some of the fans in attendance showed their appreciation in pretty crappy ways. While parked at the convention, his car was broken into and thieves took his laptop, camera, a notebook full of thoughts and ideas, and other valuables. Bummer. []

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  • LarissaPeixot Nov 06, 2013

    Sexy meth addict = Jesse Pinkman.

    BTW, "Hourman" is a reboot of "The Early Edition".

  • JasonMelvil Nov 06, 2013

    Honestly Hourman doesn't sound like a superhero, but rather more like Tru Calling, Early Edition sort of shows

  • JT_Kirk Nov 06, 2013

    "History Channel: where idiots run a network" Here's a crazy idea, instead of embarrassing yourselves remaking Roots, why not just rerun the original? I don't think it's been aired in decades, yet it's got a very well-known name even to those who haven't seen it. But no, instead History will put out a cheap-looking knockoff that will dillute the impact.

    Sean Saves the World - because NBC has nothing left to fall back on.

    Hourman sounds like it won't work as a superhero show, but would work as a sci-fi show. Genre, it'll get ya every time on the tube. There are no tubes anymore? I don't care.

    Oh the People's Choice Awards, you are so bankrupt.

    Oh Jason O'Mara, you are so doomed... again. Sorry bro, you are now officially going to be named a cursed actor a la Summer Glau.

  • efonsecajr Nov 06, 2013

    '12 Years A Slave' was great. Never seen ROOTS. Now I will.

  • 2wksnotice Nov 06, 2013

    History Channel has done what we all thought was impossible: they have created peace on the Internet. Every single commenter on every single article about the Roots remake agrees that it is a TERRIBLE idea.

    (Seriously. Poke around articles about this on other sites --- it's 100% negative reviews.)

  • Gislef Nov 06, 2013

    "Attention everybody: I am sick of superheroes."

    Really? excluding animated shows, I'd like to actually see some. With the success of Avengers, you'd think some network would actually want to throw some superheroes at us. Instead for American TV we get...

    Arrow: Non super-powered costumed vigilante, with a rule that no one on the show can have superpowers. May change with the Flash spinoff, but can't get sick of something we don't have yet.

    Agents of SHIELD: Guildenstern and Rosencrantz of Marvel. Otherwise about as superheroic as X-Files.

    Tomorrow People
    : Closest, but really in the Mutant X/Alphas vein of people in civvies and/or black leather using their powers mostly to investigate fairly normal stuff, or low-budget superpowers.

    Yeah, I know, you can't do Avengers on a TV budget (supposedly). But I'd still like to see a TV show that does flatout superhero blasting and punching. Heroes seems like the last show that managed to do that, when the budget could afford it.

  • MarlboroMagpi Nov 06, 2013

    I totally agree with you. If you did not write the above, I will. I really wanted very much to see a REAL superhero show not including animated series. The Tomorrow People is the closest. I do watch Arrow, this season is pretty exciting much more than the last but still I too would NOT consider it a superhero.

    I really missed Heroes,maybe someone should do a season 5 for it.

  • JT_Kirk Nov 06, 2013

    Alphas, we need Alphas back before another pass at Heroes, which went off the rails in season 2 and then just somehow kept flying further and further off those rails.

  • Rolamb Nov 07, 2013

    Yeah, we need Alphas back, +1

  • JT_Kirk Nov 06, 2013

    Nice Hamlet reference to Agents of SHIELD, that really is on the money.

  • zsandmann Nov 06, 2013

    I dunno Alphas was pretty amazing. I wish it had been on a different network. The 4400 was pretty good as well. Of course through in Heroes on NBC and what do you have? Three failed superhero series on three networks all owned by NBC Universal. Coincidence? I think not.

  • jjafargi Nov 06, 2013

    Hourman kind of sounds like Jack Bauer! LOL

  • ted2332 Nov 06, 2013

    Remaking Roots seems almost sacrilegious to me.
    Show some respect and make something else.
    Maybe the car thieves were paying tribute to Steven Yuens character Glenn, who is the best scrounger on the show?
    A holes.
    Hourman sounds kind of lame but then again The CW made Arrow interesting.

  • saintmark Nov 06, 2013

    I really like Sean saves the world, perhaps its just JACK.

  • Hungry_Homer111 Nov 06, 2013

    As if TV's overly polluted by an over-abundance of crappy Reality shows, now they're trying to make it worse by making so many unnecessary, often bad remakes of old shows. Granted, there have been some good, even great remakes (i.e. Battlestar Galactica), but those are more of an exception. At least there are (and hopefully will always be) more than enough good shows mixed it to make up for it.

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