Pepper Ann

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Quotes (278)

  • Lydia: That's my daughter! The one with the pimple!

  • Ms Stark: I love shopping! The hunt for a bargain! The thrill of a sale!

  • Pepper Ann: What if someone sees me? From then on, I'll be known as 'Pimple Ann'!

  • Dieter: Sweet mother of Hasselhoff, look at all the streudel!

  • Milo:'s not what you know, it's who you know.

  • Milo: What should I do with this shrub? Holding it is inhibiting my juice intake.

  • Cissy: I promise to forget the little people on my way up!

  • Nicky:"Sweet, I should kill thee with much cherishing--" (Gasps) That was in the script! Craig, I could never hurt You!

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Notes (20)

  • The circles on Pepper Ann's skirt look like olives.

  • The creator of Pepper Ann, Sue Rose, originally wanted the series to air on Nickelodeon.

  • Though she was trying to avoid getting caught the whole time, she gets caught on camera, and becomes a celebrity (for one day).

  • "Nicky Gone Bad" originally aired on 1 Nov 97, paired with a repeat Romeo and Juliet.

  • Mash into Me is a play on the Dave Matthews' Band song called Crash Into Me.

  • "Radio Freak Hazelnut" originally aired on 7 Nov 98, paired with a repeat of an earlier 15-minute story.

  • Under the desk: A Mood Ring.

  • This is the only episode ToonDisney has never aired.

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Trivia (42)

  • The bus which has the old people on it, has "Cocoon Gables" written on the side.

  • When the customers were grossed out after Lydia echoed, "Pimple", in the Spanish version the customers cheered.

  • Even though the it part ends with, " To Be Continued", this is NOT a two part episode.

  • In the start, Pepper Ann saying 'Drama Sucks' is replaced by Pepper Ann scoffing.

  • Crunch Pod is the first time Nicky mentions about being chased by the swan.

  • Family Vacation is the first episode in which Crash appears and the running joke of no-one getting his name right is started.

  • This episode has the first appearance of Ms. Bladdar, who spends subsequent episodes as a substitute teacher for Ms. Ford.

  • We learn Nicky hates the Autoharp.

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Allusions (17)

  • In Abe's Mall, there is a stall called John Wilkes Photo Booth. John Wilkes Booth was the name of the man who assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

  • The TV show that Pepper Ann watches is called All My Problems. This alludes to the real-life show All My Children.

  • There is a scene in Impractical Jokes when Lydia, Milo, and Nikki go into Pepper Ann's room to make her sign a treaty to stop doing practical jokes. When they walk in, there are scary voices and it looks like her head is spinning. This is an allusion to the movie The Exorcist, where Linda Blair plays a preteen named Raegan who gets possessed. One of the most disturbing scenes in the film is when Linda Blair's head turns a full 180 degrees.

  • The First Date Club is a play on the film titled The First Wives Club.

  • The title The Spanish Imposition is a take on "The Spanish Inquisition".

  • G.I. Janie refers to the film title G.I. Jane.

  • The title is a play of Law & Order.

  • The title The Beans of Wrath is a pun of the book titled The Grapes of Wrath.

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