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    For all my fellow fans who want seasons 3-8 on DVD...

    By chrisrogers77, Mar 28, 2013

    The goal is 10,000 signatures, and as you can see there's a long way to go, so tell all your friends and family about it to get this great show on DVD!

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    I was wondering if anyone new where I could get seasons 3-8 I have seasons 1 and 2 and all the places I've looked sell either seasons 1 & 2 or seasons 1-8.Ive looked on ebay I've looked at can't find them though. Any help would be great.Thanks

    By Bigdmoney4life, Feb 19, 2008

    This tv series was amazing! Why can't they have re-runs for this show? They have them for save by the bell and I love lucy, family matters, full house. Don't get me wrong I love all those shows too but Perfect Strangers was awesome! I haven't been able to see the shows in a long time so I don't know which ones are the best. I have been able to watch seasons 1 and 2 but from memory I know the other seasons are better. I'm just blabbing on this last part because I have to have 100 words. haha latermoreless

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    I seriously wish that someone would release this show onto DVD so we can enjoy it again

    By springqueen2, Sep 11, 2007

    Please someone bring the show onto DVD. I loved the show and could not get enough of it when it was on air, I would love to see it again if only on Nick at Nite. I really would like to see it come out on DVD just like all the other television shows have done. I dont really have much else to say, I think it is crazy that this site is making me type 100 words for a review, what am i back in high school again?? I dont know what else to say but i loved the show.moreless

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    The show was a hit for the time. I wisht hey would bring back the cast and have a reunion

    By dmk1484, Jul 30, 2007

    I was a young kid during these times. I wish they would bring the show back. It shows how true americans act toward our distant families. The show was a hit for its time. I just recently remembered the name of the show and decided to look it up on here to see what everyone thought of the it. Balki was the most humerous character there was on the show. He shows up in american with no idea how we operated and some how he made it. It shows you that now matter what you do or are you can achieve anythingmoreless

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    Aired when ABC owned Friday night television.

    By amauriel, Feb 06, 2007

    Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, ABC used to own Friday primetime television. "Perfect Strangers" was part of ABC's wildly popular "TGIF" lineup. The show is about two roommates, Balki Bartokomous and Larry Appleton, who are vastly different in both their outlooks on life and their approach to everything from women to work. A modern day "The Odd Couple," each episode of "Perfect Strangers" was basically a family sitcom with a lot of slapstick humor. My favorite part of the show was when Balki and Larry did the "Dance of Joy." The show went downhill, however, when the two got married to their longtime girlfriends and bought a house together in the suburbs.moreless

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    A Chicago man takes in his immigrant cousin as a roommate. Let the games begin!

    By Lokar, Nov 06, 2006

    This show lets us into the lives of Larry, a Chicago native, and Balki Bartokomos, a distant cousin of his who immigrates from the island country of Mypos. Balki needs a place to stay, and you don't want to let down your family, right? Here goes...

    Balki, fresh off the job of shepherd on the tiny rural island, is in for a shock getting used to American city life. Larry, who is strait-laced but has a kind heart, introduces him to his friends, neighbors and culture, acting as sort of a guide and comic straight-man through all the craziness. The warm-hearted and witty series shows you there's more to a person than you know when you first meet, and it's good to be different.moreless

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    Cousin Larry and the foreign guy ...

    By ez1jb, Sep 12, 2006

    This was a pretty kewl show. Balky was the comic relief because of his crazy accent and the way he always seemed to get them into trouble. They do kind of remind me of the odd couple, which is a good thing. These two actors played off each other perfectly.

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    Now this is one funny show.

    By sfviewer, Aug 13, 2006

    Few shows can compare to Perfect Strangers. This is one classic sitcom that's all out funny, from the very start of the series up to the finale. This show was so funny, even funnier than Friends. Bronson Pinchot's Balki is perhaps one of the most original made up characters on tv. This show is so funny that your cheeks will ache a bit. A show is really entertaining, you get a really good time watching it. It's a good show to watch with your friends or family. A lot of today's sitcoms don't come as close to this. Perfect Strangers is the perfect sitcom.moreless

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    A guy from Mepos moves in with his cousin larry and they basically live together.

    By cookmefoodnow, May 17, 2006

    When anyone says 80's sitcoms whats the first that pops in your head....Perfect Strangers. The best comedy team I have seen since Abbott and Costello. The way they could play off each other was amazing. But there wouldnt be a show at all if there wasnt the character named Balki. One of my favorite sitcom characters next to Jack from Will and Grace. Later in the show the two meet MaryAnn and Jennifer and fall in love with them. End up moving to a new house and they all live together. I grew up watching the show and enjoyed every episode, if they ever replay it or release it on dvd please watch.moreless

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