Perfect Strangers

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Quotes (82)

  • Twinkacetti: Oh, he's never gonna get his driver's license. Larry: Oh, yes, he will. And I'm gonna teach him in my car. Balki: Really, cousin? You're going to teach me in your car? Larry: Did I say that? Balki: Yes! Larry: Damn!

  • Mr. Twinkacetti: (referring to Larry and Balki) Well, if it isn't Tweedledum and Tweedledumber.

  • Larry: Why do you have peanuts in your pocket? Balki: Because there's a squirrel in my other pocket!

  • Larry: Balki, for your benefit, I think we should identify our objectives. Balki: Is this where you talk down to me? Larry: Yes.

  • Balki: On Mypos, we have a saying. (speaks Myposian) "He who hesitates, sleeps with the goats." Larry: I thought you all slept with the goats. Balki: We do.

  • Mary Anne: I'm Mary Anne; I'm a Saggitarius. Balki: I'm Balki; I'm a Bartokomous.

  • Larry: Women like [Jennifer] are only interested in jocks. I can't just ask her out; I have to deceive her first.

  • Balki: Today, I joined a healthy club.

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Notes (15)

  • This episode is an exceptional rarity in television, as two actors, Sam Anderson and Belita Moreno, have guest starring roles, yet would both eventually become regular cast members in different roles: Sam Anderson as mail room boss Mr. Gorpley, and Belita Moreno (here appearing in her recurring role as Mrs. Twinkacetti) as advice columnist Lydia Markham.

  • Larry and Balki would win a trip to Las Vegas again in Season 7's "Wayne Man".

  • Ebonie Smith would later have a recurring role on the spin-off, Family Matters, as Laura's friend, Penny.

  • This is the first of Frank Birney's two, unrelated appearances on Perfect Strangers. He can also be seen in season four's "High Society."

  • Bobby Jacoby won a Young Artist Award in the Best Young Actor Guest Starring in a Television Comedy Series category for his work in this episode.

  • This episode marks the introduction of the new opening sequence featuring the slightly modified theme song.

  • Although the exterior shot of their apartment building appears to be the same, the set used for the inside of Larry and Balki's apartment is changed considerably as of this episode.

  • This is the second of Frank Birney's two, unrelated appearances on Perfect Strangers. He can also be seen in season two's "Tux for Two."

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Trivia (13)

  • The pilot was originally filmed with Louis Anderson as the Cousin Larry character.

  • First episode to feature the Dance of Joy, which would become a staple of the series.

  • Though Larry and Balki proudly and excitedly place their trophies on the mantle, they're never seen after this episode.

  • In "Hunks Like Us", Larry and Balki meet Jennifer and Mary-Anne at the health club. However, in this episode, they apparently live in their building.

  • The girls are excited to find a bottle of wine in the ski lodge, and Larry later implies that everyone had been drinking some. However, in "Hunks Like Us..." the girls said specifically that they don't drink wine.

  • This episode was aired well out of production order, which resulted in multiple seeming goofs. First, Larry doesn't know what "ding-ding-machmoud" is, even though it was actually the basis of Larry and Balki's fight in "Trouble in Paradise". Second, the entire premise of the episode is Larry trying to find or take a picture to enter in the local paper's photo contest, and it is only revealed at the end of the episode that Larry wins tenth place. However, in "Tux for Two" Larry's invitation to the formal party at an art gallery was due to his already having placed tenth in this very contest.

  • It seems odd that, considering that he has his own bedroom, Larry would choose to hide all of his junk food in the living room, where Balki could find it.

  • For the entire first two seasons, Balki slept on the sofa bed in the living room. When Balki discovers Larry's snacks hidden under the couch cushion, Larry suggests that they might have been there for years, completely neglecting that Balki had folded out the sofa every night for two seasons.

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Allusions (39)

  • Balki states, "America, land of my dreams, home of the Whopper," a play on an old slogan of Burger King, where the Whopper is the signature burger.

  • Larry gives an impression James Cagney's famous line from the 1931 film Taxi! where Cagney delivered the line "You dirty rat, I'm going to get rid of you just like you gave it to my brother". Larry misquotes it as "You dirty rat, you killed my brother".

  • The title of this episode comes from the lyrics of the classic Beatles song, Drive My Car.

  • After their workout, Balki refers to himself as "Conehead the Barbarian", mixing Saturday Night Live's Coneheads and fantasy character Conan the Barbarian.

  • Given the softball theme of this episode, its title is a clear reference to the baseball-themed movie, The Natural.

  • The title of this episode comes from the classic Christmas movie of the same name.

  • The title of this episode comes from the Temptations song of the same name.

  • The title of this episode comes from the Stephen Foster song/album of the same name.

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