Perry Mason

Perry Mason Returns

Season 10, Ep 1, Aired 12/1/85
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  • Episode Description
  • Della Street, Perry Mason's former secretary, now works for Arthur Gordon, a millionaire businessman. On Gordon's birthday, his family throws him a surprise party and he, in turn, gives them a surprise: he is disinheriting them. Later that night someone breaks into the Gordon mansion - it's a man wearing a dress. He kills Gordon and the maid sees him as he leaves. The police then investigate and discover that someone who knew the gate entry code was the killer or gave it to the killer. And when they discover that Della Street knew the code, they go to her house, and they find a dress similar to the one the maid saw torn up and dirty. They also found an earring which Della says is hers that she probably misplaced. They then arrest her, and she then asks her old friend, Perry Mason, who is now an appellate court judge, to recommend someone who can defend her. Mason says that the best person who can defend her is him. So he resigns.from the bench to defend his erstwhile secretary. Needing a private investigator, the son of old friend Paul Drake, Paul Jr. is also called into the case. It's takes some hard plowing but Perry and Company eventually get to the bottom of things.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Raymond Burr

    Perry Mason

  • Barbara Hale

    Della Street

  • David McIlwraith

    David Gordon

  • Roberta Weiss

    Laura Gordon

  • Cassie Yates

    Julie Scott

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Notes (4)

    • Richard Anderson appears in this movie but not as the character he played in the 9th and final season of the series--Lt. Steve Drumm.

    • Using a plot device that occurred much too frequently in the TV movies the actual killer in this one is some hired goon and the gang has to figure out which one of the chief suspects hired him.

    • This episode and the numerous Perry Mason reunion movies that followed aired on NBC instead of original network CBS.

    • This is the first appearance of William Katt as Paul Drake, Jr.

    Trivia (1)

    • If we go by actual time between the end of the series and the first TV movie then Paul Drake, Jr. would only be a teenager instead of a man in his 30's. When the series ended in 1966 the original Paul Drake was still a bachelor so assuming he married and fathered a child by the time of the first TV movie the child would only be in his teens. Unless, of course, Paul fathered a child out of wedlock during the course of the series' run and the son took his name. Which is entirely possible considering the fact that the Paul Drake of the series was a major league womanizer.

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