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  • 9.0

    this episode was a change of pace

    By vdoun, Dec 26, 2014

    It was fun to see Reese play a mild mannered businessman the character of Maxine was fun. She was brash, confident and quick to jump to to conclusions. At one point I thought I was watching Lois and Clark, it was so funny to see the clueless Maxine order Reese around on their 1st, 2nd and 3rd dates. It goes to show you that a beautiful take charge woman can get a man to do anything for her.

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  • 8.5

    On one hand I love this ep,

    By sassyj64, Nov 28, 2013

    On the other, Maxine is a really annoying character. First of all, she has no actual evidence for the story that she writes, an anonymous tip, a guard who 'sees' Zambrano arguing with an FBI Agent (he didn't hear anything!), some 'deep' background from a very low level FBI Agent who is not on the inside of the investigation anyway and the fact that Zambrano didn't want to talk to her. Not corroboration at all. Secondly, she has obviously got no idea of how the whole superhero thing works at all. Out the Man in the Suit, and he never gets to save anyone else. Her self-absorption was infuriating. That said, this episode has some outstanding moments, Finch trying out some 'human interaction' from a distance, Reese trying to protect Maxine without her realising that she is being SAVED by the Man in the Suit, Zoe's awesomely predatory performance upping Reese's 'credit' rating with Maxine while marking her territory, Fusco's struggles between right and wrong and Finch's horror at the contents of Reese's built in closet. Personally, I would also love to know where Finch got that photograph of Reese from, because we haven't seen Reese look that carefree in quite a while.moreless

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  • 10

    Loved it!

    By Varunn16, Nov 26, 2012

    This is my favourite episode of this season so far. I know it won't keep that keep that title for long considering the quality of episodes that this show continues to roll out. I usually give a '10' rating when there are amazing flashbacks but this episode was the first one for me which didnt have any flashbacks.

    I also love the mythology/universe of this show which contains baddies such as Elias, HR head Quinn, Root etc. Looking forward to flashbacks of Finch. I hope we still get a few of Reese too(cause they're amazing). Great song at the end. This show has amazing soundtrack. Keep it up writers!moreless

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  • 9.0

    "Oh shoot, I've got his dog!"

    By Dandeleo, Nov 09, 2012

    Apart from all the drama this week there was a lot of humour, especially from poor Finch being frazzled by Bear with a squeaky toy. Then being stuck hiding in a closet full of weapons and admonishing Reese for it ("When were you ever going to use all those?"). And that sly smile when Reese wants to know what Finch is texting/sexting his new date. But my favourite was when Finch realised suddenly that Reese was taking the date back to his place but Finch was looking after Bear, who was supposed to be at Reese's apartment.

    Love this show - drama, twists and humour. And Reese looks good in glasses - but then he'd look good in nothing at all.


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  • 9.5


    By TVDi, Nov 07, 2012

    OK, I'm going to be totally superficial here, but our Mr. Reese looks really hot in glasses. (Let's face it, he looks hot in anything.) Finch's delight when he asked John if he was wearing those glasses was priceless.

    OK, I get that the black suit and white shirt are Reese's equivalent of a superhero costume, but it would be nice to see him in something else for a change. Batman doesn't wear his cape all the time. How about that brown leather jacket from the pilot or the black leather motorcycle jacket from Get Carter, or just a shirt of a different color? Even Finch gets to wear different ties every week. Maybe next week ..

    The evidence Maxine used to "out" Zambrano was pretty lame: 1) an anonymous call from a blocked number, 2) a guard who sees Zambrano arguing with an FBI agent, 3) "confirmation" from a low-level FBI agent who can't even break into the right house during a drug raid, and 4) "Zambrano yelled at me" after she threatened to accuse him of assaulting her. I knew before that wasn't going to work out well, but I guess that was the point. Scoop over truth.

    Match-Heart.com: Great photo of Reese, but where did it come from? We haven't seen him smile like that since, well, never. I wish I had a readable screen cap of that profile to see how Finch described him.

    "Wait in the car." That's probably the first time anyone has said that to Mr. Reese. Loved that look he gave her.

    Good thing Reese was wearing those glasses at the police station or Donnelly would have recognized him.

    Why DID Reese take Maxine back to his place? Doesn't Finch have safe houses all over New York? There's always been one handy in the past. I agree with Finch about the risk of blowing Reese's cover. I want Reese's arms closet, though.

    Finally, it's nice to see Fusco get some attention. He's been little more than comic relief lately, so it's good to see his arc developing.


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    Two words: Squeaky Toy!

    By TomWayne, Nov 05, 2012

    What more can be said? When you have a show that's so well written and so aware of its own dynamics and parameters that you can add something this silly to what would be a very tense episode and still make it work--you've found gold, my friends. Pure and simple.

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  • 9.0

    2x05 - Bury the Lede

    By JDML23, Nov 03, 2012

    I really enjoyed this one. The mystery of who was the head of HR took this episode up a notch. I admit to also being deeply amused at Reese's continual frustration of not being able to go right up to the new number to protect her. That added another layer of interesting to the story because as I watched I couldn't help but wonder who'd they get around it. Finch's idea making Reese the number's date? Totally cracked me up with laughter. There were several points throughout the episode were I LOLed. Person of Interest does such a good job in mixing such touches of humor.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Chasing The Man In The Suit

    By GaryInSandyEggo, Nov 02, 2012

    >> But, Maxine (Gloria Votsis) telling Reese no more dates!! Lord, that's not believable !!

    >> What woman alive, and let alone some men, would turn down an opportunity to date

    >> him more.. lol

    If you still have it, watch that part of the episode again. While not explicitly stated, it's sorta "hinted" that the reporter now KNOWS who the man in the suit is. And, his secret is safe with her.

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  • 9.0

    Gloria Votsis as Maxine tells Reese.. no more dates..

    By MatthewRamsey, Nov 02, 2012

    I also loved the reappearance of Zoey as well as Finch setting Reese up on a date. But, Maxine (Gloria Votsis) telling Reese no more dates!! Lord, that's not believable !! What woman alive, and let alone some men, would turn down an opportunity to date him more.. lol.. Good show can't wait to see Zoey and Reese play a married couple next week.. Matt..

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  • 7.0

    Good Episode but not my favorite

    By Gin85, Nov 02, 2012

    Lots to like about this episode - Finch and Bear, Reese with Clark Kent glasses, Fusco dealing with HR, Finch creating the persona on the dating network but I found Reese stilted with the reporter - AND why did he take her to his apartment. She can always return there unexpectedly ... or maybe that will be a plot twist in a later episode. Hmmm.

    Like Zoe but don't love her

    But I do LOVE the show... and Mr. Reese ... and Bear.moreless

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