Person of Interest "Endgame" Review: Get Carter? Nope, Carter Gets Hers

By Tim Surette

Nov 13, 2013

Person of Interest S03E08: "Endgame"

Star Wars. Lethal Weapon. Alvin and the Chipmunks. And now, Person of Interest's "Endgame." Those movies are all great starts to fantastic trilogies, and even though we haven't yet seen the squeakquel and chip-wrecked threequel to "Endgame," based on its start, IT CLEARLY BELONGS ON THIS LIST! "Endgame," the first of a three-part arc leading up to Person of Interest's mid-season finale, was plain and simple fun storytelling, with sprinklings of action that set up a big chunk of the show's universe to be destroyed. This was just the beginning, guys. Just the beginning!

Though the numbers-of-the-week belonged to 38 members of HR, "Endgame" was all about Joss Carter, of course, and she don't need no stinkin' badge to be a damn good cop. Okay, maybe she wasn't exactly doing cop things. Working one-percent out of service to society and 99-percent out of revenge, Carter singlehandedly brought two giant crime syndicates to their knees by composing one of the greatest battles since the great Cola Wars of the late '80s. And in typical Person of Interest fashion, we found out in a very cool way.

In the opening scene, we saw that the Russians and HR had ended their steamy business affair after a Russian supply truck was hijacked by an unknown assailant who was armed to the roof of his mouth with guns. Flashing back to 48 hours prior, we witnessed a lovers' spat as HR demanded more money to provide security and safe passage for that same supply truck, to which the Russians said thanks but no thanks. And as the events unfolded to bring us up to the present time—Quinn told Simmons to propose the new deal to the Russians, Carter got a bag of guns and ammo from Shaw, and various chess pieces were moved into place to set HR against the Russians and vice versa—it was revealed that it was Carter who was shooting smoke grenades into the supply truck, whacking guys on the head, and framing HR for it. Carter, girl, you ruthless! 

But that wasn't all! Carter's complex frame job was like a game of Smack Someone in the Face When They Aren't Looking and Blame Somebody Else. She sent her good pal Elias to drop off some important documents to Peter Yogorov. What were the docs? Pictures identifying all the known members of HR. And later, she went to the top of a building with a sniper rifle and fired off some shots into HR-head Quinn's office, just as Quinn was yapping about Yogorov not having the guts to come after him. Why? To make it look like Yogorov was coming after him. It was like smashing a hornet's nest against a beehive. And it was mean stuff, but you have to admire a woman who has the determination to scale a building with a huge gun, hijack a criminal supply truck in full body armor, and convince a crime boss to deliver documents to a rival crime boss (and cook him dinner!). It looks like this war between HR and Team Yogorov is only just beginning. Carter getting wrapped up with the HR mess was the best thing that could have happened to her character. She's been great in Season 3.

In the end, Carter wanted to bring Quinn to justice while his empire crumbled, but she needed an arrest warrant from a judge to make it official. (NOW she wants to do it by the book?) Of course the judge was in Quinn's pocket and gave him the heads up, and when Carter arrived to get the judge's signature, she found a room full of armed men. For a split nanosecond I thought Person of Interest was actually going to kill off Carter as the "hero who would fall" as the promos warned, but let's be serious here. Taraji Henson is an Oscar-winner, and Oscar-winners don't get killed off early in the first half of a third season of a network hit. 

Instead, a tipped-off John Reese came crashing through the door with guns akimbo and shot up the joint, taking on every single one of Quinn's inept men and saving the day. In all honesty, this was entirely ridiculous. But it was awesome, too! It was '80s-action-movie levels of ludicrousness, which I'm totally fine with when it comes to Person of Interest. Person of Interest is pure entertainment, and seeing one guy in a suit shoot up a room full of well-trained goons happened to be very entertaining. 

He didn't get away cleanly, though. A dashboard cam caught the infamous Man in the Suit, and Simmons is going to make sure that every cop AND criminal in New York knows his face. Not a good thing for a man who was trying to stay anonymous. 

"Endgame" was a flashbang of an episode: loud, dizzying, and stunning. But it's just the first thing to come through the door. The real heavy hits are yet to come, and they'll happen in the next two episodes, as a big part of Person of Interest's mythology—the battle with HR—comes to a close. I don't know about you, but I'm rooting for the Man in the Suit.


– Reese sure is getting a lot of mileage out of impersonating Detective Stills. (He killed Stills, a member of HR, in the pilot episode.)

– If you want to know more about the rest of this three-episode arc, check out TV Guide's interview with the executive producers, in which they flat-out, no-joke, heavily imply that someone we all love will die.

– Obviously the promos from last week point toward that person being Fusco. Do you think it could be him?

– Carter's son Taylor got a haircut! I prefer the old semi-'fro, to be honest.

– Elias's culinary specialty: Ravioli alla Bulletini! Just think about how that had to happen. Elias had to show up in the kitchen and assemble the ravioli himself, put a bullet in it, cook it, plate it, and then be ready for Yogorov to walk into the kitchen. That's a long process!

– The line of the night went to a surprising character, Simmons: "To be or not to be, bitch. Move!" 

– A very close runner-up went to Reese, as he watched footage of Carter's supply-truck holdup. Like a man who'd just seen his wife stepping out on him, Reese said: "Wait, that's my grenade launcher?"

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  • RuanHuman Nov 23, 2013

    And why the F*** are people commenting on the NEXT episode in these comments? Thanks for ruining everyething you bunch of dimwits

  • RuanHuman Nov 23, 2013

    Tim Surette, I love your reviews of this show! And this episode had so many levels of awesome. I knew from an early stage that Carter was going to go all Green Arrow on HR , best direction for her character. I hope the HR saga gets wrapped up in the next episode.

  • angheyluv1 Nov 20, 2013

    I can't believe that they killed off carter other than Reese she was considered a main character , that is one thing I don't care for with these shows it always happens like that and it doesn't seem fair and I am sure the ratings will drop now because she was a excellent actor I don't think I will continue to watch now.

  • k0mmon Nov 20, 2013

    Yeah, idk why they did are they going to fill the void...Fusco just doesn't have that type of connection to Reese and Harold like Carter did

  • SGAfan Nov 20, 2013

    No, I refuse to believe they killed her. I think she is just unconscious and they will pretend she is dead until they kill the last HR guy. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

  • SASSY1243 Nov 20, 2013

    I hope you're right ! She is one of the main stars !

  • joewoolsey Nov 20, 2013


  • sandy3209 Nov 20, 2013

    wow they killed my girl, poor Reese.

  • daniellecio Nov 20, 2013

    I'm worried it will be Fusco! He hasn't has a lot to do lately

  • TomWayne Nov 18, 2013

    One day more ....

    (until part 2 at least!)

  • ILoveTVandDDsBB Nov 17, 2013

    haha Carter taking a play from Reese's playbook. She was on a whole other level of badass!!!

  • ShreeyaJayara Nov 17, 2013

    OMG! I just watched this... MIND BLOWN!!!! Carter - total girl crush! How cool is she!!!!
    I'm totally upset at the THOUGHT that they'd kill Fusco - that's JUST HORRIBLE! NO No No!!!!!! Don't do it!

  • clarawoodall Nov 19, 2013

    I agree - Root is a better one to get rid of - but she's no hero.

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