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    Love The Ending

    By SimplyEcksRated, Apr 24, 2015

    Great episode! I remember watching this and was like oh shit (spoilers btw what do you expect its a review!) Carter got them at the end and decided to let John go when Harold came to pick him up.

    @Laserdamsel Cater recognizes Harold Finch because they have met during the time Carter was talking to Finch when she saw a video of John Reese (in a mask) exchanging words with Finch in the video where John was helping the soldiers that robbed the evidence lockup on a previous episode for evidence of Carl Elias's mothers death.moreless

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    By laserdamsel8549, Oct 31, 2014

    How come at the end of the episode, Carter recognises Mr Finch? I don't remember them ever meeting....

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    By dreamgoat, Feb 07, 2012

    Great, Great action and suspense I was the edge of my seat the whole time. Now that we knoe that Reese use to be CIA, it's very vague why he left I'm sure we will know more in the future. CIA operatives told Carter this, with this new information Carter now knew who Reese really is and decided to set him up in order to bring him in. What happens I can't say don't want to spoil it all. But great performance and acting on these people. Great show don't miss out.moreless

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    By ryanhd83, Jan 16, 2012

    What a gripping and in someways game changing episode. Fantastic edge of your seat case while also helping to flesh out the universe. This show has gripped me from the start and when a few episodes ago they started to thread things together to form a larger story arc it is beginning to come together. The ending was gripping with great music, interesting twists, and a tantalizing question asked by Carter.

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    Perfection on a broadcast network IS possible

    By rebekah457, Jan 05, 2012

    This episode maintains its intensity from start to finish. Finch isn't happy that Reese is poking around in his affairs. Reese isn't happy the machine didn't get the number to him in time to save someone. It's all hands on deck to track the other 3 that the machine spit out. Reese barely manages to stutter an answer to his POI, a beautiful hair stylist. Det. Fusco loses (actually she gave him the slip) his POI *after* she bought a gun and Finch nearly gets blown to smithereens when his POI gets blown up by a loaded baby stoller. We haven't had the second commercial break yet and I'm on the edge of my seat wringing my hands.

    After the second POI is killed, Reese's feathers are clearly ruffled and Finch is in a tizzy. Reese manages to calm Finch down and get him to focus on finding a connection which he does. Reese finds Persons 3 & 4 and saves them by taking on a bad guy in hand to hand combat and ducking gunfire while they run. He saves them again later while engaging in hand to hand combat and shooting the bad guys.

    Now comes the perfectly scored and painfully well-acted finale. The song, "When things explode" by UNKLE feat. Ian Astbury, was absolutely the perfect choice. The look on Reese's face when he realizes that Carter has betrayed him is so subtle yet brilliant. Carter then realizes she's been played, but she's still not sure just how much she's been deceived by the CIA. Even after they shoot Reese *twice*, she's still not sure. Finch overheard Carter's call to the CIA and is racing to get to Reese in time. Over the phone, Reese thanks Finch for giving him a second chance and Finch tells him not to give up because he's almost there. Reese tells him to stay away because it's too risky. Thank God Finch doesn't take orders. As Finch gets to Reese to help him into the car, Carter bursts through the stairwell door and yelling, "Freeze." You can see the wheels turning in her head as she recognizes Finch from an earlier meeting. She decides to let them go and helps Reese into the car, but she pauses just long enough to get a slight nod from Reese before sending them on their way and leaving me to pick my jaw up off the floor and grab Kleenexes.

    This episode had it all. A sense of urgency times 4. Deadpan humor. A fantastic score. Belly-laugh humor. Fieldwork for the usually desk-bound hero. A near-haircut for our graying action hero (but the stylist disappeared after the shampooing). Car accident. Car bombing. Flirting. Hand to hand combat. Plenty of shooting. Betrayal. An unlikely rescuer. Brilliant performances by all the show regulars. What Caviezel and Emerson say with their eyes and facial expressions is incredible. Then they deliver those skillfully scribed lines and you know you are experiencing a perfect storm of entertainment.moreless

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    Best Ever

    By snowfencer, Jan 01, 2012

    Definately the best episode yet. Tension was sky-rocketting until John got shot, and still held you there. It ended, for me, sitting there with a siries of mixed emotions for Carter.... Not too happy with her right now.

    Normally I wouldn't want to see such a major happning in the first season so early on, but this one was perfect.

    I can't wait to see what the two CIA agents will do, or what John will do to them.

    Hopefully we will find out why they targeted John in the next episode....... Definately on the edge!!!


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    Best show on TV right now

    By Sp3kkie, Dec 27, 2011

    This is how TV should be. They thought of everything. I mean, whats not to like. First of all, the surprise that this happened so early on in the season. As some people said, this is a game changer The acting is as close as perfect as it gets (for me). Then the choice of music, even if you almost never listen to this music (like i do) whats not too like and it fits. And then the writing, I mean they don't make it a shoot-out, and I think that a highly trained CIA-hitman wouldn't do that either, cause there is almost no chance you will win this. I mean, from the moment the car drives in, he handled the situation in a certain way. And I (would like to) think thats what someone with Reese's background would do. He knows that Mark (the guy from the car) would come without back-up, so running is not an option. He also knows they want him alive (at least for the time being). And then, as soon as he got shot the first time he doesn't search for the sniper or aims the gun on Mark. He just shoots out the lights so he has a chance to disappear. Althought this chance is very small, he would try it. And now we know he isn't untouchable, but still can handle himself in very bad situations. So all together this is probably the best new show on television in my opinionmoreless

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    Number Crunch

    By Chimera, Dec 27, 2011

    Great episode! Glad to see a follow up to the previous one...and a set up for more story lines to follow.

    As for comments about accuracy and/or realism... Good grief...this is supposed to be entertainment! One will find a lack of reality in any scripted show; that's why such shows are called dramatic fiction instead of documentaries.

    So given the show premise and the knowledge that the creators fashioned the main character with Batman in mind, isn't it more fun to be entertained rather than look for reality flaws?moreless

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    Problems With the End of this Episode

    By jmf552, Dec 26, 2011

    Others have said some of this already, but this is my two cents:

    1. I don't buy Carter betraying Reese to the CIA, after he saved her life and after she made statements to the effect that she dislikes and distrusts them almost as much as Reese does. I think she would have gone to the parking garage by herself.

    2. Where was the short assault rifle Reese had earlier in the garage? Did he just drop it and leave it for some kids to find?

    3. A competent sniper with a lit-up, stationary target would have either killed him intstantly with a chest or head shot, or if the intent was to disable, would have gone for a knee or a shin. Where he got hit made no sense. A hit in the lower abdomen may or may not disable, but also may or may not kill. Also, Reese is not likely going to be able to walk down a flight of stairs after getting hit in the abdomen with a high-powered rifle.

    4. What happened to the CIA guys after the shooting? They started to give chase, then just disappeared, while Carter, Reese and Finch had their whole scene at the car.

    I really like the show, but they need to start paying more attention to details.

    A bigger question I have is why are they are going to all this effort and taking all these risks to prevent one violent crime at a time in NYC? That is a drop in the bucket! NYC has over 800 murders a year, so are Reese and Finch going to prevent 2-3 a day? How do they prioritize? And are only NYC residents worth saving? What if a Number comes up in Jersey? Or Philly? Do they just ignore those? I would like to see them go nation-wide and have some bigger purpose, like preventing a lot of people from getting killed or taking down big crime rings. If I had the power of "The Machine" that's what I'd do.moreless

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    Game On!

    By crazylegs99, Dec 18, 2011

    Now that's what I'm talkin' about!! In what has been a satisfying week of television so far, Person Of Interest packed a significant wallop tonight, thus solidifying it's place as one of the best (if not the best) shows of 2011. 'Number Crunch' was quite possibly the best episode of the series, with 'Witness' and 'Cure Te Ipsum' at second and third place respectively.

    Finch's machine provided yet another unexpected problem for Batman and Robin to solve, in the form of not two, not three, but four different social security numbers! This episode didn't exactly catch Finch and Reese at their best as the bodies started dropping faster than Tiger Woods could switch mistresses. The situation was an unaccustomed one for both, especially Finch, who for the first time in this season seemed to be genuinely flustered. It was cool to see Reese actually offer Finch a few honeyed words of consolation. I think this partnership just switched to friendship, folks!

    As it turns out, these four people happened to stumble upon an accident involving a cocaine-coated Congressman's son who died on impact with a buttload of cash in his car. So naturally, these four pillars of the community did what any self-respecting dude would do in this economy. They pinched the dough. This would later prove to be fatal for two of the four, because as it so often happens, the money (which is of course illegal) belongs to the Congressman (who is corrupt. No really!) and his partner, who hires a dude and a dudette to get the money back and tie up loose ends. But before things could get any worse, the dude and the dudette got Reesed and the Congressman and his business partner got Finched. End of story? Nope. I missed out the good part!

    Carter had a very interesting role to play in this episode. With the CIA now aware that Reese is still alive , I didn't expect her to fold so easily and give up Reese's location. It was a moral dilemma that ultimately solved itself when Carter finally helped Reese escape with Finch. Detective Carter seems to have finally made her decision about Reese, although it almost got him killed tonight.

    So now there are loads of questions swimming around in my mind -

    - Why does the CIA want Reese dead? The story that Reese killed his handler might be true, but the rest is bull. It's more likely that Snow and the other dude are rogue agents trying to clean up a mess they created.

    - Where do Reese and Carter go from here? Friends or Foes? Is Fusco going to lose his status as Reese's police contact?

    - The photograph Reese saw at Finch's place. N.I probably stands for N. Ingram, the dude from episode 2 (Ghosts). How did Ingram die? Does Finch's limp have something to do with it?

    - Where does Elias fit into all of this?

    Speaking of episode 2, I remember a split second scene between Finch and Ingram in 2007, where Finch switches off one of the computers with Reese's ex-girlfriend's photo on the screen. Reese's ex is dead, folks. There may come a point in the series where both Reese and Finch will realize that her death could have been prevented.

    Whew! I could go on and on. This show still has a lot of avenues to explore and I will definitely be along for the ride.


    - Reese got shot in the gut and the leg. He still managed to return fire and limp away from an NYPD detective and two CIA trained operatives. Badass!

    - No episode of Person Of Interest is complete without a Fusco joke. Finch commenting about Fusco's digestive tract was hilarious!

    - I borrowed Reese's motorcycle this week. Sorry dudes!

    I had no idea this was the mid-season finale. The next episode is in 2012. Crumbs.moreless

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