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    Are the machines actually warring?

    By terrybeaver56, 3 days ago

    This season of POI has been a real disappointment. This "war" between the AI's has been a joke. Computers functioning on the level of the Machine and Samaritan would have resolved the conflict in days. If not faster, these things function on the microsecond level, minutes are forever for these things.

    One important point that is completely glossed over is the Machine is IN Samaritan. So once the two realized they could not co-exist the Machine should have reset the spin rates on drives, voltage regulators, temperature controls on controls and literally cooked Samaritan. This would have happened so fast by the time any human realized what was going on and thought WTF it would have been over.

    Conversely Samaritan has access to massive resources and would have done a brute force search and found and eliminated the Machine.

    So this entire season was a colossal waste of time and exercise in plot convenience nothing more. So when this season finishes and if there is no resolution between the AI's conflict I am done with this show.

    Sadly this show has the potential to last several more seasons but only if they move on and start advancing the story again. As it stands now it stagnant and beginning to die a slow painful death due to lack of story advancement.

    My advice fire the writers and get some who understand how fast AI's would function and resolve the war and move on with new stories. The Machine helping society is way more interesting than this war. Especially when the war is more a phoney war...

    Anyhow that is my thoughts on the matter. Cheersmoreless

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    the machine has been letting me down

    By stevefulcinelli, Apr 08, 2015

    This show has been one of my favorite shows in recent memory. However, this season hasnt been that stellar. Now, while ill admit that im still upset that sarah shahi hasnt been around, they have been faltering. Its my hope that theyre going to put the warring machines back into play soon.

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    Seriously Billyray

    By robhatch986, Apr 07, 2015

    I used to say it jokingly, but you really do need to seek help.

    Once again you say you've lost interest, yet you have continued to come here and spout the same gibberish for well over a year now.

    The producers said they were going to try and bring back Henson for Carter flashback stuff shortly after they killed her.

    Get a a good therapist to help you finally move on with your life, that is if you still have one that doesn't involve POI and Tarajimoreless

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    This person has lost interest

    By BillyRay3384, Apr 06, 2015

    the more the writers please the fanboys, the lower the ratings go. So what do we do? oh yeah, let's do a flashback episode featuring Ms. Henson. We can capitalize on her success with Empire to try and save our horrible ratings. why? if killing Carter was no big deal?

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    Season 4 Bad scheduling

    By lt_catscratch, Apr 05, 2015

    Who decides the gaps between the episodes this season ? It really hurts the show's story telling. I wonder the reason behind this.

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    My Favourite Show Currently Airing

    By baneofkings, Apr 03, 2015

    Person Of Interest is the closet you'll get to a fully fledged Batman series on TV that isn't a prequel. Reese, Shaw, Root, Carter, Fusco, Finch, are all wonderful characters and the stories just get more complex as the show goes on, eventually becoming a fully serialized masterpiece by Season 3. The villains/anti-heroes are some of the best on TV - Elias, Greer, and the show can even make you sympathize with them when it needs to (Scarface).

    Excellent stuff, and the soundtrack (songs like Nina Simone's Sinnerman, Fever Ray's If I Had a Heart, Johnny Cash's Hurt, Portishead's Roads and Radiohead's Exit Music For A Film) is so, so good. Must watch.moreless

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    listen up people

    By jordanlandis16, Apr 02, 2015

    The actor that plays Shaw had a baby so they needed a way to have her gone for a while. Go read about it before getting all mad about it. She says she might be taking 2 years off because she has twins. It sucks for the show but it happens good luck to her. I do like her in the cast and hope she does come back.

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    Where is Miss Shaw?

    By rbgolfing1, Mar 31, 2015

    Miss Shaw was one of the best characters, if not the best, on the show. She disappeared and needs to return.

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    stand still

    By MonyMo, Mar 16, 2015

    the show isn't going anywhere and kinda getting repetitive, im starting to get bored. more elias + machine + Samaritan less dominic.

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    Shaw not dead

    By Golem, Mar 05, 2015

    Until I see her cold dead body on a porceline slab in the morgue or a bullet in her head would do she better be back. HEAR me writers. Best agent ever. Keeps Root in check too. Get a room already. Look up from your tablets and phones people. The average person in Toronto is filmed or photographed 400 times or more. The bases for the show isn't far from our daily reality.

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