'Til Death

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  • Reese: I'm proud of you, Finch. You've really gotten comfortable with your breaking and entering duties.
    Finch: Thank you for appreciating my descent into deviant behavior.

  • Reese: That's the second time Fusco's sent me to voice mail. Should I be offended?
    Carter: Am I my partner's keeper, John?
    Reese: No. But I'll bet you still have an opinion.

  • Finch: You know, Mr. Reese, it did occur to me we could leave the Drakes to their own devices.
    Reese: Well, that's pretty mercenary of you, Finch. I kind of like it.
    Finch: If that's the case, I may have crossed some moral threshold.

  • Carter: Uh, what are you doing?
    Reese: Sometimes you need to break a few eggs to save lives.
    Carter: Yeah, pretty sure that's not the saying.

  • Sabrina: Where's your backup? Shouldn't there be backup?
    Fusco: Uh... here they are now.
    Sabrina: You don't look like a police officer.
    Reese: Thank you.

  • Carter: What is this?
    Reese: Marriage counseling.
    Carter: Why not just dangle them off the roof and force them to tell us how to find the hitmen?
    Finch: While John would probably enjoy that option, it would be a temporary solution.

  • Finch: Although, though, unlike other couples, you've opted for murder instead of divorce. I suppose I should commend you for being so goal-oriented.

  • Reese: You know, Lionel, next time you have a date, don't be so melodramatic. I thought you might be up to something.
    Fusco: Yeah, it's called a personal life. After taking a bullet in the ass and saving yours more than once, you think I've earned just a little privacy?
    Reese: No.

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  • Music: One of These Mornings (Moby)

  • International Airdates:
    Canada: November 29, 2012 on Citytv
    Turkey: February 28, 2013 on CNBC-e
    Finland: February 25, 2014 on MTV3

Trivia (1)

  • When Finch realizes the sniper is after Daniel, Daniel is standing in a clear area. But when Reese bumps into him, a table with a book display is on Daniel's right.