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  • 7.0

    I love it

    By saramohmad58555, Jun 02, 2014

    Really I'm emiesing

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    Person of interest

    By P61, Feb 04, 2013

    This is the best action,thriller show of all time. Congratulations!!! Job well done,

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    My hands are in this episode!!

    By NicolsCruz, Oct 31, 2012

    The close-up shots of the character "Ochoa", lighting the match in the station and all the way at the end of the episode zipping up the bag of cash, putting the gun in his waist and leaving are my hands!! I just felt the need to share that....

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    We all can be saved...

    By cecylia248, Oct 28, 2012

    POI keeps on delivering weeks after weeks from every angle. This one touched on the question "is every number the machine gives deserve to be saved/protected?. Since it is a machine, it may not understand some humans "codes". Morality , redemption, etc. This week's POI Riley was a mob enforcer who was tasked by his boss to kill a lady who is also a widow of the former employee of the mob that the head had Riley kill "months" before. The twist was the Riley and widow had fallen in love in "months" after he killed her husband, and the widow didnt know. Incidentally, the mob boss knows about the romance and wanted his son to kill Riley.Riley instead, killed the son, and had to escape the city with the widow (Annie) thus both becomes in danger and on the run from the mob.

    Now the fun part, the machine gave out the number of Riley, a killer, to use Root's word, Bad code, Finch say at the beginning that Reese should protect Annie since Riley is a killer, a bad code (flawed in design). Reese reminded Finch that there isnt much difference between Reese and Riley, they are both killers.You can argue that the machine gave out Riley's number coz Riley was protecting an innocent and he needed the protection, but i would like to believe the machine gave out Riley's number because he was WORTH SAVING. He may be a killer but he was a killer that had found a reason to be better, a reason to change and do good. As Reese said in the pilot episode "When you find that one person who connects you to the world, you become someone different, someone better. When that person is taken from you, what do you become then?". For Reese that person was Jessica and tha why he understood Riley, because Annie the widow was Riley's Jessica. Riley knew Annie had to be saved and get out of the city but he was a better person enough to understand, if he runs with her, Annie will always be in danger. He was willing to let her go. Just like Reese was for Jessica. Annie was saved, Riley died and Reese in the end made "someone" accountable for Riley's murder. Reese drawing parallels to himself knew Riley was WORTH to get justice for.

    As Finch stated in the end, Bad code only apply to machines!we are humans "we have the ability to change, to evolve" to be someone better.


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  • 8.5

    Testing the moral waters of Finch and Reese

    By anngel421, Oct 28, 2012

    The strength of this show lies in the relationship of finch and reese, Both these men have been broken by the world and have views that are bound to clash. This episode proved it. Finch was still suffering from Root centric PTSD a little bit and deemed anyone with a history of violence like this weeks POI was "bad code" and thus didn't deserve the benefit of their services. ( to be fair, no one asked:P) But reese, seeing the bigger picture and the similiarity of his own nature to Riley's decided that if a man is willing to forgo everything he knows to save an innocent woman, he's worth saving and when it comes down to it, their job, is to stop anything bad happening whether it be victim or perpetrator so if your "bad guy" is having a change of heart then shouldn't they go along with it? Aside from the thought provoking questions in the further goings on of finch and reese, this episode would have been quite forgettable if it hadn't been for the ten minutes of enrico cantolioni as Elias. The dude is a BAMF and he proves it time and time again. Instead of going around shouting and being kind of a pervy jerk like George Massey, low level irish mob boss, he plays it cool and runs NYC criminal enterprises from his jail cell. You gotta give props to the Enrico C, for playing him with such suave coolness. Even more, the show has proven with their better villains, that they are likeably psychotic. Elias, who initially could have been a revenge seeking one off villain, became this master of disguise who is bored with how flashy the criminal underworld runs things and seeks to change things, kind of like Finch and Reese who notice the government being big and flashy with who they decide to save so they go about saving the everyday joe. all in all a good episode, not for the actually content, that was a 7.5 but the fact that it gave you something to think about which nudges it to an 8.5 for me. Well... more Bear and i would go higher i guess.moreless

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  • 8.5

    Everybody can be saved???

    By DMS26oak74, Oct 28, 2012

    At some point the show is going to have to show somebody who is not redeamable

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  • 8.0

    2x04 - Triggerman

    By JDML23, Oct 27, 2012

    I enjoyed this episode. I really liked the female number from the beginning, the actress did a great job. I was rather disappointed by the low amount of screen time for Fusco and Carter, but that's because I really like it when the team works together. I did get a kick out of Finch slipping up and calling the male number bad code because it was a great way to show exactly how much Root had gotten under his skin, messing with him head and how, in the end of the episode, Reese is also helping him with that too just by being himself. Seeing Elias also made me super happy and I look forward to seeing more of him.moreless

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  • 8.0

    Bad Code

    By AriSky, Oct 27, 2012

    This episode was a basic case of the week, with a lot of convolution, so it was nice to have that little teaser bit of character development we're accustomed to with the show. The obvious one that we know must come to pass (going out of the library on his own) and the less obvious and more substantial (calling Riley bad code).

    Oh man, that was my adrenaline moment of this episode. It was smoothed over at the end in that little bit of banter between Reese and Finch, but damn was it heart-stopping when Finch spit it out. It shows how deeply Root affected him, because until now, he's just had the terrified face on. Even if he was against the situation and claims to be against her, something stuck, whether he likes it or not. Now, I think it was executed a little sloppily, but for what it's saying, I'll take it.

    Keep bringing the awesome episodes!moreless

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  • 9.0

    2x04 "Triggerman"

    By lucianoabc, Oct 27, 2012

    Another intense episode that asks questions about morality. Person of Interest is really pulling off a cannot make a mistake season. I wonder if are ever going to watch a bad Person of Interest episode.

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    A clever title goes here!

    By DeborahSaunde, Oct 27, 2012

    I loved this episode, it was a riff on David/Bathsheba and young lovers on the run. Reese was sympathetic and Finch was still under Stockholm Syndrome, with the R-word, "Bad code." The ending was awesome with Reese confronting the bounty hunter with "I'm not here for the money," and the CHESS game. Epic episode.

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