Wolf and Cub

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  • 9.5

    Very Good

    By dreamgoat, Feb 13, 2012

    It never surprises me of the amount of work and creativity they put into each episode, and this one was no different. Reese trying to find out more information on Finch and Finch's now deceased best friend son is looking for answers what his father did in the last project before he died (Still don't know what really happen to him). A clue was a wine cork wrapped in a note saying the machine first started 2005. While all that is going on Reese still investigate the case about a boy that lost is guardian to a gun shot wound to the chest and he is looking to get revenge. Reese gives him a couple of lesson in life and bonds with the kid. All very touching and powerful, the flow of the story went well. It surprises me all this fitted in 42mins.moreless

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