Petticoat Junction

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Quotes (94)

  • Charley: Betty Jo, you're getting to that age where boys got their eye on you, and it just ain't the most romantic thing for the love of your life to come crawling out of a locomotive boiler. Betty Jo: As far as I'm concerned, Billie Jo can have the boys. I'm in love with the Hooterville Cannonball! Charley: Well that's fine for now, hun, but one of these days you're gonna wanna be hugging something that can hug you back.

  • Betty Jo: Did you hear that Uncle Joe? Minerva isn't gonna write her column any more. Uncle JoeThat's no loss. You know who could write a better column than that Minerva woman? Betty Jo: Who? Uncle Joe: Your mother. (Kate chokes on her food at that revelation, since she was the one writing the Minerva column)

  • Bobbie Jo: Mr. Drucker is gonna be our father. Betty Jo: And he'll be your nephew. Uncle Joe: A man my age don't want no bald-headed nephew.

  • Sam: The last thing you bought was a 5 cent cigar, and that was 3 months ago! Uncle Joe: I'm trying to cut down Sam: On smoking, or spending?.

  • (Betty Jo is dictating a letter to Billie Jo, who is typing it out) Billie Jo: Not so fast. Betty Jo: What's the use of going to secretarial school if you can't keep up? Billie Jo: I can type 100 words a minute, as long as you don't say them too fast.

  • (After Uncle Joe looks around the Douglas home.) Lisa Douglas: You think you can do something with it? Uncle Joe: It ain't near as bad as I thought. I expected a complete fiasco. What you got here is a mere shambles. Lisa Douglas: What does that mean? Uncle Joe: It means the average contractor would turn and run. First class havok is a challenge to me. Now to you, your home is just another eye-sore. To me, it's a potential Shang-Ri-La.

  • Charlie: Stonewall don't sound like he's too brilliant for a 3-letter man. Floyd: Yeah, and I know the 3 letters: DOP...dope. Charlie: Floyd, dope has 5 letters: FLOYD...dope. Floyd: Gee, that's spelled the same as my name

  • (Kate walks out on the front porch, where Uncle Joe has a rocket set up with mail attached to it) Kate: What is that? Uncle Joe: The way I figured out for delivering the mail. Like they say, "Mother is the necessity of an inventor." Kate: Oh, is that what they say? What do you do? Uncle Joe: Sending Fred Ziffel's mail with a modern rocket. Kate: You think that's gonna go right to Fred Ziffel? Uncle Joe: It can't miss. See, it's got the zip code on it.

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Notes (243)

  • During casting, Sharon Tate was hired to play the role of the eldest Bradley daughter, Billie Jo. But when nude photos of her surfaced in Playboy, concerns over their impact on the family sitcom led to her being replaced with Jeannie Riley before filming began. Though, several publicity photos of Sharon with Bea, Linda, and Pat Woodell were shot and can be found online.

  • Due to his success with "The Beverly Hillbillies", Paul Henning was basically given carte blanche with kicking off a sister series to the program. Thus, Petticoat Junction never had a "pilot" episode, it was bought immediately by CBS before production.

  • The girls sing "The Hooterville Cannonball" to the tune of "The Wreck Of Old 97".

  • Cheerio Meredith (Nettie) was credited as Cherio Meredith.

  • Beginning with this episode, the "Petticoat Junction!" chant heard in the opening theme by the girls, was added to the closing theme as well.

  • First appearance of recurring character Fred Ziffel, who will later go on to have a large recurring role on series spinoff "Green Acres".

  • Smiley Burnette (Charlie Pratt) and Rufe Davis (Floyd Smoot) do not appear in this episode.

  • Frank Cady (Sam Drucker) does not appear in this episode.

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Trivia (33)

  • The supercharged locomotive that is now "standard equipment" on the C&FW Railroad, as shown in their office, is a model of a Santa Fe E1A locomotive, built 1937-1938. The model is even in Santa Fe paint, with a small "C&FW Railroad" sticker over the Indian head logo used on the side of the locomotive. At 25 years of age, it's not a very new locomotive for a railroad that is supposed to be "modern and progressive".

  • Charles Lane is the Scrooge Homer Bedloe in this episode. He guest starred on "Bewitched" as the Scrooge Jesse Mortimer in the fourth season episode "Humbug Not to be Spoken Here".

  • Fred Clark played Bea Benadaret's husband Harry Morton on "The George Burns & Gracie Allen Show" from 1951-1953.

  • When they're trying to do the play, and Dog is missing, when he comes back, you can hear Billie Jo say "Higgins" followed by Betty Jo saying "You've come back". Higgins is Dog's real name.

  • Kate calls Betty Jo by her full name on this episode, Elizabeth Josephine Bradley.

  • Floyd recites a line from the movie "Reunion in Hackensack". An internet search shows no such movie with that title.

  • Eustace Pockle is mentioned in this episode as shoplifting again. In the 4th season, there would be an episode centering around him: "Shoplifter at the Shady Rest"

  • The nighttime shots of the Cannonball (when the kids are on the "all night party" train), look like a model train, rather than the real train.

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Allusions (15)

  • The episode title is a pun of the CBS western series, Have Gun, Will Travel, which ran from 1957-1963.

  • The episode title is a pun of the 1859 novel, "A Tale of Two Cities," which was written by Charles Dickens.

  • The episode title is a pun of "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?", the song sung by the Three Little Pigs in their famous 1933 United Artists animated short, Three Little Pigs.

  • Goldfinger The title of Betty Jo's play, Coldfinger (with the valley's dogs as actors), is most likely a play on the movie Goldfinger. The dogs in the play are supposed to be spies.

  • The title of this episode echoes the title of the old yet still popular film, "Whatever Happened To Baby Jane" (1962).

  • Kate calls Uncle Joe "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."..."The Man From U.N.C.L.E" was a classic TV show (that was still airing when this episode was made) about an organization stopping evil groups from world domination.

  • The title of this episode "Higgins Come Home" is a reference to the original 1943 Lassie movie "Lassie Come Home".

  • Uncle Joe: Doggone. I've been waiting 2 weeks for them cufflinks autographed by Eddie Albert. Eddie Albert played Oliver Wendell Douglas on the sister show "Green Acres" and as a recurring role on this show during the 4th season

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