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  • Piers: Let's talk about your wonderful men for a moment. Barbara Walters: You love to ask people about your love life. Piers: So do you. Barbara: Not so much. But the very fact that you're asking me is such a compliment. Piers: Let me compliment you a little more. Who has been the love of your life? Barbara: I have this little dog -- Piers: No, no, no. You're not copping out like that. Come on, which man, if you had five minutes to live, you would take -- Barbara: If I had five minutes to live, I wouldn't want to be with any man. Piers: Really? Barbara: If I had five minutes to live, I would be with my daughter and closest friends. At this point in my life, I would not want to with any one man.

  • Piers: You are the first queen to be in my studio so I feel very honored. Thank you. Queen Noor: My privilege. Piers: What do you think are the greatest misconceptions in America to the Middle East? Queen Noor: Oh, how long do you have? Piers: I've got all evening, your majesty. Queen Noor: I doubt that.

  • (a clip from an interview on Radio 4 in England) Larry King: I think one of the problems they did was oversell it. He was going to be dangerous. He was going to be water cooler talk. Wait until you see me, I'm different. He's good. He's not that dangerous. You know, so I think, in cable and talk, they might have been better off just starting quiet. That's not Piers' fault, or maybe it is. I don't know the - I'm not - I'm not inside anymore. I like him. He's certainly not bad, he's certainly an acceptable host. He asks good questions. Maybe he interrupts a little too much at times. I think the public might have trouble adjusting to the British... (end of clip)

  • Piers: And when is your stand-up tour starting? Larry King: It starts in April in Torrington, Connecticut, and I'm going to do comedy and talk about life.

  • Larry King: It's now the screaming host. It's the host who the - the guest is a prop. On these other shows, the guest is a prop. It's what the host thinks. You know it's like the old joke about enough about me, let's talk about you, what do you think of me?

  • Piers: You've been right at the abyss where Charlie Sheen appears to be now. I know that when you watch the interview that I did with him, you felt that in some way this was also part of the enabling of Charlie Sheen. Allowing him to continue behaving like that. I would take issue with that but I got the point. Mackenzie Phillips: No, I did, Piers. I felt like a - you know, Charlie has a longstanding history of violence against women. And when he gave you his explanation of oh, I was trying to comfort her or shield her, I mean I feel like you just - because - maybe because of your friendship you glossed over it without saying wait a minute. Piers: Well -- Mackenzie Phillips: Let's look at this, let's look at that. Let's look at this instance. Piers: Yes, let me take you up on that. There was an interesting piece in "The New York Times" about this in which it detailed a lot of allegations against Charlie. What I would remind everyone they were allegations. Mackenzie Phillips: They were allegations, but I mean, look what happened in Aspen last year and he -- he basically pled out to them. He said, yes, he didn't deny that he had attacked Brooke Mueller. I mean the man has an anger issue, a rage issue, and I think the more that people like you who have this incredible platform to come from who are -- I don't want to use the word enabling but who are sort of egging him on, tickling that little funny bone that says, yes, yes, this is -- hey, I've got, you know, Aunt Donna's DNA and I feel like people love to watch a circus, right? Piers: I mean I'm told -- Mackenzie Phillips: But it's not funny anymore. Piers: No, Mackenzie, here's the thing. I would -- I would take part of that. Here's the problem. Charlie Sheen is not just some degenerate guy we picked off the street. Mackenzie Phillips: Of course, he isn't. Piers: Let's remind ourselves what we're dealing with here. He is the -- currently until last week the highest paid -- Mackenzie Phillips: No, no, he's an addict.

  • Piers: I mean are you seriously worried that Charlie Sheen is slowly killing himself here? Daniel Baldwin: Yes, I don't even think it's slowly right now. You know, I think that something really bad is probably going to happen. They talk about in the 12 Steps about hitting a bottom and the sad thing about hitting a bottom is there's always another bottom waiting for you, and then I'm hoping that maybe something he has that moment of clarity that it wakes him up and maybe he sees himself on a monitor or whatever carrying on the way he is.

  • (discussing Charlie Sheen) Piers: ... I come back to his position as a top actor and so on, Charlie Sheen says, look, how I lead my life is my concern. And by the way he said, there are lots of more important things going on in the world. There's Libya. There's Egypt. Mackenzie Phillips: But look at the message that we're giving to the young people out there who are considering, do I have a problem? Am I on the edge? What we're doing is we're taking it to the next level saying, it's OK to be this way because you are the highest paid actor on television. Dr. Howard Samuels: And being the face of CBS which is, you know, supposed to be a family, you know, network and the families out there, and he's working with a 9 or 10 or 11-year-old boy, so he comes into the set, he's off a crack run, he's been with a few hookers the night before, what do you think he's talking about with an 11-year-old?

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  • The interview was replayed on Sunday, January 23, 2011.

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  • The interview with Hugh Hefner was replayed on Sunday, February 27, 2011 and Saturday, June 18, 2011.

  • The interview was replayed on Friday, March 4, 2011 and again on Sunday, March 6, 2011.

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