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    Why the show just didn't match up to other reality shows?

    By D-DawgMan1, Jul 15, 2010

    I did attempt to watch Pirate Master when it first came out, and I did watch the rest of the episodes on CBS.com in order to finish it out. Many people I know liked the show, and they wish CBS would've brought it back. But I don't agree.

    Pirate Master was trying to incorporate many ideas of Survivor, and I don't feel copying a reality show is a good idea. For one, they had a guy on the show, Louie, that looked like a pirate and sort of reminds you of Rupert from Survivor. There were not that many characters that really impressed me either. The only one doing any type of strategy was Jay, while the rest of them seemed lined up and waiting for their turn to be cast off the ship.

    The other thing that frustrated me was the power in the game. I don't think it was fair for the captain to have officers at the beginning of the game. I felt that gave way too much power to the captain, and it was what helped him keep his power. The fact that you could have the strongest people on your side for sure, and the rest were going to be put on the weaker, opposing team finding the treasure was an unfair match-up. Azymyth, Jay, and Ben were the strongest people left in the game, and they got rid of their biggest competition in Sean and Joe Don. After awhile, it just wasn't interesting. You thought to yourself, oh great, who will they take out this time?

    The characters just didn't have a lot of interaction with each other. They were too isolated, and that was part of the problem with the captain and their officers. Plus, as I said above, nobody else was doing any strategizing. Sure Christa was captain for the last half of the game, but she was Jay's little puppet. And Ben, don't even get me started. All he did was ride coattails and put a smile on his face. If it wasn't for his happy-go-lucky attitude, he would have been cast away sooner. And power player Jay was ousted unfairly by those that had already been booted. That was a horrible part of the game.

    The final problem I had was what I said up above: the people that were eliminated from the game had too much power even after they were eliminated! I mean, first they get to come back and try to overthrow the captain if they win the challenge, split the treasure, and nominate whomever they chose (which thanks to John was foiled cause he dropped the key), and they got to choose which two people would be in the final treasure hunt, thus taking their revenge on Jay for getting them voted out when he was the only one doing anything the entire game.

    Unfortunately for the show, it just didn't catch on to the audience, and the ship sunk just as fast as it got built. A maiden voyage gone horribly wrong for a television show, I'm sorry to say.moreless

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    Most awesome show I have ever seen!!! I am a huge Survivor fan but this beats that show by far!!! Even the theme music is better than Survivor's. Please bring it back!!!

    By puckett76, Feb 10, 2008

    Let's sign a petition to bring back one of the best shows I've seen on t.v. in a very long time!!! One that keeps us glued watching episode after episode. It was simply aired at the wrong time (during summer when everyone was out and about and on vacations, not watching t.v.). It would have gone over really good in between Survivors during the winter months when all the re-runs were on with nothing else to watch and when they were advertising the last Pirates of the Carribean out on dvd. First show where I liked almost all the characters and had a hard time rooting for just one. We need more PIRATE MASTER!!!moreless

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    It's fairly entertaining

    By luamhtard14, Aug 07, 2007

    The basic drift of the show is that every week the "pirates" land on a new island and have to seek treasure on the island. Then at the end of the show one of the pirates is voted off. To me, it seems that the show combines the better elements of Survivor and the show Treasure Hunters, which was a show on last summer. This is because it involves the tension you feel from the voting process and the sort of excited rush you get watching them compete for the treasure when it gets down to the wire. Overall this is a good show that would be wellworth your time to check out.moreless

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    By CHAREE98, Jul 28, 2007

    I thought it was a good show sure it is not survior but it was good and different. I think they should of let the season end first before they cancelled it they did not give it a chance to see where it would end up, it is summer not everyone is inside watching tv so cbs needs to give it a chance to let it finish at least for the season. I love watching all the shows on cbs but when they keep cancelling shows it makes me mad just give the shows a chance let them finish the season for once.moreless

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    An adventurous start to a show that has little potential to be the next big reality franchise.

    By mizasterj, Jul 19, 2007

    Capitalizing on the recent pop culture success of pirate adventures, such as Disney's "of the Caribbean" series, comes this sea sailing reality show broadcast.

    What is it about this particular show that classifies itself as being unique in a long line up of Mark Burnett TV projects? Not a simple question to answer. Each of Burnett's shows has something unique to offer however are they becoming too formulaic?

    Classic shows like Survivor and Big Brother, which started the ball rolling, have stood the test of time, but with this addition can we expect the success to continue? This show simply titled Pirate Master, attempts to place 16 individuals on a pirate ship and set them sailing to distant islands in search of treasure, while also competing and partnering with each other for wealth and personal glory. The first of what is to be many more episodes briefly introduces us to pirate aspiring characters. The cast is a mix of male and female young and middle aged adults ranging in all attributes such as: nationality, career, personality etc. although all of them have one thing in common. They have been trained to sail a vessel. Which is exactly what they will be expected to do and do well, lest they be "set a drift" never to be heard from again...supposedly. The format of the show begins to play out in familiar manner, much like other reality shows based on an oceanic environment.

    Considering the theme of the show, you have to wonder just how much is being staged and manipulated to have us believe this is a true pirate experience. I was somewhat taken back by the inadequate treasure hunt. It felt more like a race down a river than the actual search and decipher I was expecting. Although a race is more thrilling moment to moment once it’s over your left feeling dissatisfied by its simplicity. I would have deeply liked to have seen a more challenging and lengthy treasure expedition. I am desperately hoping this part of the show will improve soon. I felt like although this show had partial entertainment value, it was lacking in a lot of categories. More detail should have gone into the competition and formatting. Is this show just another attempt at capitalizing on the popularity of stable shows such as Survivor, or is it enough of a departure to thrill its audience with new excitement and a creative drama? Only time can truly tell, but from my perspective things could have started off a little rocky. A suggestion, why not have the outcasted pirate walk the plank? Yo Ho!moreless

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    "Pirate Master" is a reality show where contestants have to live and compete as real pirates. Here not only is lying, cheating, stealing legal but also the threat of mutiny is but another thing that makes this show quite unique from other reality shows.

    By pungtengpie, Jul 18, 2007

    This show has great potential to be a huge hit unfortunately some people just won't give it a chance. The first time I saw the trailer for this show I honestly thought this is just another survivor ripoff but after watching a couple of episodes, I find myself captivated by how close the look and feel of the show to what a real pirate life would be like if it were like a contest. Unlike survivor were contestants just have to basically live off the island and compete with each other, this show features much much more such as the ability to bribe and connive with the use of actual object of value which is the gold coins. The contestants not only have to live like pirates but also have to follow pirate heirarchy. This show has so much potential so I implore those skeptics to watch more than one episode of this and I guarentee you that you will learn to love it. Give it a chance people. Very underappreciated.moreless

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    i am a Survivor fan. This newest entry

    into realty TV is either a bomb or "soap flakes"--meaning, nothing

    yet. NO meat, no glamour, no drama,

    no photography, no wow FACTOR.

    By kkemper1, Jul 16, 2007

    A for effort, D- for product.

    MR. Burnett

    has guts though, always trying a new

    approach to realty TV and for that alone, I will stay his fan but not of this series.

    NOT every producer has a winner.

    This is not a winner. I am not sure

    how to improve it. IT is woosy through and through.

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    IF you like Survivor you might like this but it's just not as good and really didn't get my attention. This is midless drek.

    By JohnnyGnote, Jul 13, 2007

    Pirate Master is just another "reality" show and what seems to be a spinoff on Survior. The whole thing just doesn't cut it. OK so Pirates of the Caribbean hit big and people are all over it. BUT!!! this show is not even close. The supposedly exciting moments are just your usual "Survivor" like tests and the so called Captain is just some hippy/dred looking geek that isn't believeable. Pirates are not beautifull and the fact that there are very attractive women on the show makes it very unbelievable. Lets face it if these were real pirates, the women wouldn't be competing with the men (nudge nudge,know what I mean, know what I mean) any way the beauty factor has made reality shows unreal and the fact that the producers are picking hunks and bods to be on these shows is bogus. Where are the real people for reality TV?? Anyway I personaly think Pirate Master sucks the big one!moreless

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    show in which americans are thrown on a ship to compete for the treasure of a fictional pirate

    By waderedsox, Jul 10, 2007

    the show seems to take itself too seroiusly. it is a novel concept but when you watch it it just looks stupid, although i do actually watch it mainly because it's easy to watch on my computer through cbs innertube. the show seems really goofy. when they go on their expeditions they whine about steep climbs and being really tired when there only running a quarter mile they really come across as pathetic. you can so clearly see that it's a modern converted freighter and they have electric lighting. it's really sad because cbs took what was a very novel conmcept and seriously over dramatized it.moreless

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