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    By Darklion, Mar 12, 2012

    You can stomach the Sopranos but not Platinum. How believable is TruBlood or Sons of Anarchy. Hum. Interesting. How about Spartacus where they are in ancient Greek times, and everyone knows about the depravity that went on back then, yet only a certain 2 slaves are homosexual and not any of the Greek Royalty. Now tell me what is realistic!

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    By POETRY5, Jul 22, 2008

    This was absolutely THE worst show that ever aired on national television. The actors were not believable and the story line was even more unbelievable. I mean come on, who were the writers? I cannot believe that it lasted as long as it did. The very first episode should have been the last. I feel sorry for all of the actors that were casted in this horrible show and the embarrassment that they had to face. I mean the show was simply ridiculous. When you make a show, the idea is to make it appealing so that you will keep people wanting more, not to make people want to turn off their television sets.moreless

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    it's one of those dramas that u would mind watching everyday like a sopie, it's real. very streets and nothing beats the streets

    By donnyv, Nov 03, 2005

    i feel the vibe yo!! i feel it. i honestly fell for that drama and it was worth falling for. i think u guys should bring it back coz ma life isn\\\'t the same after watching it. it\\\'s real and so original, represents to the fullest yo!!. Grandy is the man, damn hommie.

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    This show would have been great if UPN didn't have to listen to network standards and Nielsen ratings.

    By Yakira, Jul 28, 2005

    This show was so good. It had interesting characters and interesting people. The only reason it wasn't picked up was because UPN wasn't the right atmosphere to carry it at the time. If this show had come out now it might have been great as a primetime companion to Veronica Mars. People were interested in the subject matter and learning more about how the business worked. I waited all summer to see it again only to find out the that out that it had been sent into not-picked-up abyss. Tear Tear. I want it back!moreless

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