Playing It Straight (UK)

The guy who doesn't reveal a thing.

Season 1, Ep 3, Aired 4/22/05
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  • As the show begins, June arrives and reveals the lads will have to saddle up and prepare for a long journey, along with Zoe. When reaching the destination- a camp site, the guys must build their tents while Zoe is given a huge tent, with a double bed inside and luxuries. All the guys reveal that they have a crush on Zoe. The guys then all pass their test by building their tents. Suddenly, two new cowboys arrive on horses to stir things up, as they will become the new contestants to this competition, but June then reveals that one is straight while one is gay. Marco, and Lee introduce themselves, with Marco coming across very arrogant and cocky. Blondie, Danny and Ben don't like him very much. Another test is on, as the lads must compete in an arm wrestling competition- the winner gets to have a meal with Zoe, while the losers must settle with beans... It was grueling but it came down to the final two- Ben VS Marco. Half way through it, Marco gave Ben some cocky remark "You're going to school boy!" and won the contest. Zoe was then able to pick two other guys to go with her, so she chose Danny and Peter. After Marco won, he continued his cockiness. At the end of the contest, while the others are left with beans- to cook around a camp fire in the freezing cold, the others can have a warm dinner inside Zoe's tent. Zoe however must then pick one guy to "guard" her tent after the dinner. While in dinner, Marco was deeply fishing and digging for lots of gossip. As Zoe is given a bath outside, Blondie remains around the camp fire, afraid someone may steal his beans. Zoe then picks Danny to stand guard, and he gets to sleep in her bed with her. Zoe also reveals how she doesn't like Marco's attitude one bit, and also reveals she chose Danny because she was really unsure with his sexuality, and thinks if thrown into this type of situation that his true self may come out. While the lads pack up their things and get ready to return to the Hacienda, June and Zoe are already there, searching through the boys clothes for any more clues. They come across a camp/gay looking hat of Peter's. They worry about all of Danny's vests and a trendy hat belonging to him. Blondie is revealed to have a foot thong shoe. Jonny has a bright pink T-shirt. But Marco beats them all when it's revealed that he has a full on manicure kit! Ben's wardrobe is just way to tidy rising suspicions, while Lee's big secret is nearly rumbled- he has crusty starched socks in his suitcase- which he actually revealed to the guys of him wanking in them...Ok then. Zoe is given a quick speed date with the guys and fires away with the questions. Zoe asks them all about their past girlfriends, but Ben was too descriptive with the names. Then, Zoe grills Marco on his manicure kit that he had, and remembers June's saying from last week about how a man checks out his nails if they are dirty- Marco checks them out the gay way! Then he might of blown his cover even more by revealing he doesn't think Lee is gay, so Zoe questions "So you're gay?", because between the two new guys, one is straight and one is gay. Still noun the wiser, it's elimination time. Who will Zoe choose? Will it be Marco, who loves to be in the limelight, his cocky remarks, his manicure kit. Will it be Blondie who wasn't there to help Zoe with the bath treatment. Lee who had that nasty secret? Jonny who's shirts may be too famine. Ben who has a completely tidy wardrobe. Or Danny for being too well dressed and...well trendy?moreless

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  • Alan Cumming


  • Ben


  • Danny


  • Alex


  • June Sarpong


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    • Zoe eliminates; Peter who turns out to be Gay! much to the shock of all the guys, and they all missed him dearly when he left. She also eliminated the new boy, Lee, who couldn't reveal if he was gay or straight, because it would then reveal if Marco was gay or straight...Zoe wasn't happy.

    • The episode title is for new comer Lee, who got booted out of the competition, but wasn't able to reveal if he was gay or straight.

    • Lee and Marco are introduced, knocking the group up to 8 again.

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