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  • S 17 : Ep 14

    Seeking Shelter from the Storm!

    Aired 4/19/14

  • S 17 : Ep 13

    Kindergarten Chaos!

    Aired 4/12/14

  • S 17 : Ep 12

    To Catch a Pokémon Smuggler!

    Aired 4/5/14

  • S 17 : Ep 11

    The Bamboozling Forest!

    Aired 3/29/14

  • S 17 : Ep 10

    Mega-Mega Meowth Madness!

    Aired 3/22/14

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  • Pokémon is the story of a young boy named Ash Ketchum. Finally having reached the age of 10, he receives his first Pokémon from Professor Oak and sets out on his Pokémon Journey. Along for the ride are his various friends: Misty, Brock, Tracey, May, Max, Dawn, Iris, and Cilan. Together, they journey through the Kanto, Orange, Johto, Hoenn, Battle Frontier, Sinnoh and Unova Leagues. Ash takes every opportunity to capture a Pokémon, Misty trains Pokémon of the Water type while Brock prefers Rock types. Tracey travels around sketching Pokémon. May started her journey for the sights and not the Pokémon but then decided to enter Pokémon Contests. Although Max has no Pokémon, he helps the group out with his handy PokéNav skills so as not to get lost but they still do from time to time. Dawn travels around to compete in contests like her mother did years ago. Iris, although with no long term dream of her own, is out on a Pokémon journey with her trusty Axew in order to raise it well. Cilan has joined Ash in order to see the Unova region, its trainers, and enhance his abilities as a Pokémon Connoisseur. Story Arcs: Kanto arc (Season 1): Ash begins his journey to become a pokémon master. He starts his journey with his at first reluctant Pikachu, but the two quickly become friends. As his journey starts he is joined by Cerulean City and Pewter City gym leaders Misty and Brock. Together they travel throughout the Kanto region so that Ash can collect gym badges so that he can compete in the Pokémon League, while fending off the attacks of the villainous Team Rocket. Orange Islands arc (Season 2): After losing in the Pokémon league, Ash, Misty, and Brock head to the Orange Islands to retrieve the mysterious GS Ball. After obtaining it, Brock decides to stay and work with Professor Ivy to help him with his dream. As Ash decides to compete in the Orange League, they are joined by Pokémon Watcher Tracey. Together they set out on Ash's new Lapras' back and travel around the tropical islands, while still fending off Team Rocket. Johto arc (Season 3/The Johto Journeys, Season 4/Johto League Champions, Season 5/Master Quest): After delivering the GS Ball to Professor Oak, he can't figure out the secrets of the ball. He sends Ash off to Azalea Town in Johto in order to deliver the ball to the pokéball expert Kurt. Reunited with Brock, the trio once again heads off for adventure in a new land so that Ash can compete in the Johto League, and prove that he is better then his old rival Gary. Not to mention Team Rocket continues in their quest to capture Pikachu. Hoenn arc (Season 6/Advanced, Season 7/Advanced Challenge, Season 8/Advanced Battle): After settling his rivalry with Gary and ultimately losing in the Johto League, Ash takes Harrison's advice and heads to the Hoenn region. With Misty and Brock back at their gyms, he is all alone, until he encounters an upcoming trainer named May. The two decide to travel together and eventually are joined by May's brother Max, and Brock even returns. Together the four of them traverse the Hoenn region so that Ash can compete in the Hoenn League and so that May can become a great Coordinator and compete in the Hoenn Grand Festival, and don't forget the ever persistent Team Rocket, as well as new foes Team Magma and Team Aqua. Battle Frontier arc (Season 8/Advanced Battle, Season 9/Battle Frontier): After losing in the Hoenn League and Grand Festival, Ash and May return home. However, the two of them, as well as Max and Brock quickly reunite when Ash is told about the Battle Frontier in Kanto, and May finds out about Pokémon Contests in Kanto. The group of four continue to travel together in the Kanto region so that Ash and May can continue on in their dreams of being champions, with Team Rocket still in tow. Sinnoh arc (Season 10/Diamond and Pearl, Season 11/DP: Battle Dimension, Season 12/DP: Galactic Battles, Season 13/DP: Sinnoh League Victors): After losing in the Kanto Grand Festival, May heads off to Johto to compete in more contests while Max returns home to Petalburg City. After witnessing the awesome power of Gary's newest Pokémon, Ash heads off to the Sinnoh region to once again find adventure. He soon reunites with Brock and they join up with Dawn, a pokémon coordinator just beginning her journey to become a contest champion like her mother. Together the trio travels through the Sinnoh region so Ash can compete in the Sinnoh League, and Dawn in the Sinnoh Grand Festival, as well as fighting off the evil Team Rocket, Team Galactic, and Pokémon Hunter J. Unova arc (Season 14/Black and White, Season 15/BW: Rival Destinies, Season 16/Adventures in Unova): After becoming the runner-up of the Sinnoh Grand Festival and after discovering his dream to become a Pokémon Doctor, Dawn and Brock head off on their own to achieve their goals. Meanwhile, after placing in the Top 4 of the Sinnoh League, Ash heads to the Unova region to collect more badges and compete in the Unova League. He is soon joined by Iris, a young girl wanting to be a Dragon Master, and Cilan, a Pokémon Connoisseur. Together they journey throughout the Unova region while also thwarting off the efforts of Team Rocket and a secret organization. Decolore Islands arc (Season 16/Adventures in Unova and Beyond): Following the conclusion of the Unova League and stopping Team Plasma's mission to control Unova, Ash decides to head home to Kanto. Iris and Cilan want to join him as well and together the three decide to take a detour to Kanto and travel through the Decolore Islands.moreless

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  • Quotes (1152)

    • Ash: (To Pikachu) Pikachu, get inside the Pokéball. I know you're afraid of going in there, but if you're inside maybe I can save you. Please Pikachu. After that then...after that...just trust me!

    • Narrator: This is just the beginning of the amazing adventures of Ash and Pikachu. Their journey is destined to be packed with non-stop action, millions of laughs, heart pounding perils and endless excitement. Together they will encounter fantastic friends, evil enemies and meet creatures beyond their wildest imagination and as their story unfolds, we'll unlock the magic and mystery of the most wondrous place: the incredible world of Pokémon!

    • Ash: Professor Oak? Where's my Pokémon? Oak: Your Pokémon? Ash: Yeah. I'm ready. Oak: You look more like you're ready for bed, not for Pokémon training. I hope you're not going to train in your pajamas.

    • Ash: Hey, get out of there! (Rattata runs away from his backpack.) Pokédex: A forest Pokémon - Rattata. It likes cheese, nuts, fruits and berries. Ash: Yeah, but this isn't a forest, it's an open field. Pokédex: It also comes out in open fields to steal food from stupid travelers. Ash: So that means I'm stupid? Pikachu: (Laughs) Pika... Pika!

    • Misty: Are you okay? Ash: Yeah, I'm fine... Misty: (walks up to Pikachu) I meant your Pokémon!

    • (Ash looks at the sky and sees Ho-oh) Ash: I wonder what that is? Pokédex: There is no data. There are still Pokémon yet to be identified.

    • Jessie: A wanted poster. How flattering. James: Flattering? This picture makes me look terrible! Jessie: Then you should be happy the photographer captured the real you. James: Exactly. Jessie: We'll show these bumpkins. James: The people of Viridian City will be sorry they ever saw this face. Meowth: We're all sorry to see your face.

    • Delia: It took your father 4 days to get to Viridian City! You're spreading your wings and soaring like a Spearow! Ash: I feel more like a fallen Pidgey. Delia: Oh, Ash, don't get so discouraged. Your father would be so proud of you! You're the apple of his eye! Ash: Yeah. A rotten apple. Delia: I won't let you talk about yourself like that! Do you understand me? Ash: Yes. Delia: And are you changing your underwear every day? Ash: Yes.

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    Notes (1947)

    • Although this season did not have a subtitle at first, it was later given the subtitle "Indigo League" on DVD boxsets.

    • In the English dub, after Ash says "Yeah, I'm okay..." to Misty, the scene freezes. Then Misty says "Not you!" during that frozen scene. This is because a scene of Misty slapping Ash is cut out of the dub.

    • This episode was published in the book Pokémon Volume 1 "I Choose You".

    • The Japanese title is kept.

    • When this episode was originally going to be created, Ash's starter was going to be a Clefairy.

    • This episode is on the VHS/DVD I Choose You! Pikachu!

    • This is the only episode without Team Rocket in it at all until Season 8 (though the Season 8 episode was not dubbed). However, beginning with Season 14 they start not appearing in every episode.

    • Pokémon Debuts: Gengar, Nidorino, Onix, Dodrio, Pikachu, Rattata, Pidgey, Spearow, Sandshrew, Mankey, Gyarados, Ho-Oh, Magikarp, Voltorb.

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    Trivia (1953)

    • Bruno's Pokéball at the start of the episode is green, instead of the normal red.

    • Ash is based off of Red, a character from the Pokémon Adventures manga and main character of the Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow video games.

    • Pikachu's Pokéball has a lightning bolt on it.

    • Pikachu is the first Pokémon that willfully disobeys Ash in the series. However, the disobedience ends at the end of the episode.

    • The shadowed trainer shown at the very beginning with the Nidorino and Onix was Bruno. It is rumored the Gengar's trainer is Agatha. The opening battle is also the same opening from Pokémon: Red Version.

    • The bird Ash saw at the end of the episode was Ho-oh. This makes it the first Johto Pokémon seen in the series though it had no name at the time

    • Ash has a Voltorb Clock.

    • If Professor Oak was supposed to give 4 trainers Pokemon, he should have more than 3 available (at least as far as everyone knows).

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    Allusions (486)

    • The Japanese names for Ash (Satoshi) and Gary (Shigeru) have some significance. Ash's Japanese name was named for the creator of the Pokémon games: Satoshi Tajiri. Gary's Japanese name, Shigeru, was named for the creator of the Mario games, Shigeru Miyamoto. This was meant to be an inside jab indicating that Pokémon rivaled Mario as the top character/game series from Nintendo.

    • Jessie and James are named after American outlaw Jesse James, who was a legendary figure of the Wild West in the mid-1800s.

    • Jessie: The cat lost to a mouse. Cats eat mice. The creators probably chose Meowth and Pikachu to make a reference to cats eating mice.

    • Brock's brothers' and sisters' grabbing Ash to stop him attacking Onix is a parody of a scene in Fushigi Yuugi (Mysterious Play), where Tamahome's brothers' and sisters' grabbing Suboshi to stop him attacking Tamahome. This parody was used because in the Japanese version Tamahome and Brock have the same voice actor.

    • Misty's three sisters do Synchronized Swimming. Synchronized Swimming is the hybrid of Swimming, Gymnastics, and Ballet.

    • The way Ash's nose grew when he lied is an allusion to the story of Pinocchio, a living puppet who strived to become a real boy. Pinocchio is known for his unfortunate affliction which causes his nose to grow when he lies. The story has been adapted for film many times, most famously by Disney in 1940.

    • Giselle's appearance is similar to that of Princess Peach from the Mario.

    • The episode is very similar to Ray Bradbury's short story "The Fog Horn", where a lone surviving marine creature comes every year to a lighthouse equipped with the titular Foghorn because its sound reminds it of its own species' call. The third time, disappointed, it tears down the lighthouse and never comes to the rebuilt one.

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