Pole Position

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Quotes (54)

  • (As Tess is about to kiss Greg Dumont...) WHEELS: Hey, Tess, I thought I was your main guy! TESS: You are, Wheels. But there are some things even a computer can't do!

  • "Aww, pipe down, you old jalope!" --Roadie, making fun of Wheels.

  • (Dan prepares to leap from Roadie onto Wheels while both cars are moving.) DUMONT: What is he doing? Your brother is crazy! DAISY: It runs in the family.

  • "Did you hear the one about the soaking wet driver who forgot his automatic pilot?" --Roadie, when Dan forgets to switch him to hydrofoil mode.

  • ROADIE: I happen to know a lot of computers who think I'm a pretty funny guy. DAN: I'm sure a pocket calculator would think you're hysterical.

  • "Daisy! Tess! Are you ever a sight for sore headlights!" --Wheels, freed from the confines of the villains' truck.

  • DAN: Heyyy, am I some kinda driver? ROADIE: Yeah, the worst kind.

  • "W-w-why am I doing this?" --Dan, having second thoughts about risking his life for a ruby.

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Notes (68)

  • This episode was included on the "Racing to Adventure" compilation tape by Karl-Lorimar / Kideo Video.

  • In this episode only, the "Pole Position © Namco 1984" appears at the start with the show's title. All other episodes have it in the end credits.

  • The city in which the kids drive is most likely San Francisco, judging by the trolley they zoom past. Also Dumont tells Vance he'll meet him in Sierra City, which is reasonably close. Episode #12, "Shadow of a Trout", reveals that SF is home to Pole Position headquarters.

  • This episode marks the only time Tess is in Roadie's driver's seat. We never see Dan driving Wheels.

  • The family's last name of Darrett is given in this episode.

  • Roadie has a different voice in this pilot episode. It was done by the same actor but tweaked to sound more computerized than what was done for the remainder of the series.

  • The red-to-green traffic signal in the opening stunt race scene is one of a scant few references to the video game on which the series was based. Also when Dan calls Uncle Zach he says "Pole Position Two to Pole Position One", a nod to the arcade game and its sequel.

  • This episode contains the first of several references to the kids' parents, though it never reveals exactly what happened to them.

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Trivia (205)

  • Why didn't Uncle Zachary simply tell Dan and Tess what was going on? It would have saved them a lot of worrying about Daisy's safety, and kept the kids, particularly Dan, out of a number of near-collisions and life-threatening situations. (Then again, it wouldn't have been much of an episode that way.)

  • The self-replacing zoo sign seems an odd method of maintaining a secret door. The cars crash through two on the way to Vance's lair, and a third on the way out. An automatic opener would have been more realistic.

  • For the truly obsessed: Dumont tells Dan that he's dropped Daisy off at a picnic area off Route 38. While there is a Route 38 in California, and it actually is a winding mountain forest road, it is nowhere near San Francisco (which the episode suggests is the city the cars drive to).

  • Aside from the garbage truck, there is not a hint of any other traffic in the city.

  • None of the narrow mountain roads the cars drive on have any warning signs or guardrails.

  • Tess is driving Roadie when Dan drops back into his passenger side from the chopper. A cutaway later, Dan is back behind the wheel, but there was no time for the two to switch seats.

  • The closing credits incorrectly list Lisa Lindgren as "Linda Lindgren".

  • When Roadie explains that Dumont has stolen Wheels, someone says, "Tess, he's got Daisy!" But this voice doesn't sound like any of the regular characters. It's really odd.

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