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    Cancelld way way way way way too early

    By Raven77, Nov 21, 2013

    It is sad that decent shows like this got the boot while shows that were much worst managed to outlive this one. Thats all I can say.

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    They got "cop show" in my "sitcom"!!

    By DojinFan_2K, Nov 18, 2010

    Police Squad! is the short-lived comedy series that ran on ABC first in 1981 & then after the popularity of the Naked Gun movies in the Summer of 1992 on CBS.

    This wacky show parodies all those sundry police shows that were on network TV one time or another. The main stars of the show were Leslie Nielsen as Lt. Frank Drebin & his boss Capt. Ed Hocken played by Alan North.

    The reason this show didn't last very long was its rapid-fire delivery of sight gags that to the average viewer was pretty much confusing.

    A pity really, since this was way funnier than all those other so-called sitcoms that were strewn about the small screen during that year for this series' brief run.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Very funny and not too bad of a cop show, give it a shot.

    By vicmackey31, Sep 24, 2010

    A pretty good cop show. Very funny. If this is a show that you do not normally watch and you are sitting at home with nothing to do, you are going to wish you had it on tape. Having it "on tape" had become the generic term for recorded programs. Today you are more likely to have the show on Tivo or DVR than VHS, or god forbid Beta!! It is kind of like how a lot of people still call CD's "records" or "albums." Anyway, back to the show. This is the type of show that is really pretty good if you would just give it a chance. So on those cold, lonely, rainy days, pop in your tape or DVR or whatever if you were smart enough to tape it. If not, check to see if it is on as a re-run. After all, as they say, if you have never seen it, it is new to you. Not too bad of a cop show, give it a shot. A very funny show.moreless

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    One of the funniest tv shows ever.

    By sfviewer, Sep 24, 2010

    This show is the progenitor of the naked gun trilogy. This show is a spoof of 70s cop shows. It's so funny, at the end of each show the actors holds their positions pretending that the camera have a frozen show when in fact it is still filming. It's so funny, you can get a good laught by watching this show. The jokes are hilarious, you're just waiting for the next punchline to come. This type of show is rarely duplicated today, this show is a true classic. If you loved watching the naked gun movies, you'll surely enjoy this show.moreless

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  • 9.4

    "Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!" Never thought of it too much until I discovered ths series.

    By jimbo_001, Sep 24, 2010

    As a fan of the Naked Gun movies I was thrilled to discover there was a shortlived series that inspired the movies and Frank Drebin is just as entertiaing as he is in the movies themselves with his terrible driving skills and slow mind.

    The freeze frame parodies that end the episodes are a brilliant idea and really sum up the feel of the show - slapstick and clever. Unfortunately, the latter caused this show to be cancelled since it is clear that you need to pay attention to the show to get a lot of jokes.

    Overall, I'd say this show is very good for it's time and is a very memorable program.moreless

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    Coffee? Yes it is

    I love this show how can you not, it so silly and dumb it makes you forget everything and just laugh.

    By kevinb4444, Sep 24, 2010

    Leslie Neilson rules, on this show and in the movie Naked Gun, which most know is based on this show. I liked the episode when they were fighting behind the trash can, and they were firing their guns at each other and they were inches apart, you gotta love it. There of course are the sayings like above Coffee? and then the other person says yes it is. There are alot of good gags that they did on the show that was classic. I never saw the show when it originally aired, or at least I don't remember it from then because I was like 5 years old, but I have watched it since and it is timeless comedy, from timeless comedians.moreless

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  • 9.9

    Leslie Neilson of "Airplane" fame played Lt. Frank Drebin of "Police Squad" & would later play the same character in the "Naked Gun" movies with much more success.

    By yosemitesamiam, Aug 19, 2006

    The prodcers were comming off a winning streak with the \"Airplane\" movies in 1982 & ABC wanted to capitlize on that. Unfortunately, the attention span to watch it this kind of humour on TV just wasn\'t there in 1980\'s. I think today the concept would find a much more appreciative audience. Hey, let\'s get this show released on DVD, it\'s only 6 episodes. Love those closing credits!!!!!!!!!! PS. Special Thanx to Quinn Martin & Abe Lincoln!! PSS. tvshowsondvd.com confirms "Police Squad" coming to DVD on November 7, 2006. It's about time!!!!moreless

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    Loved it, want to buy it

    By jimrib, Feb 20, 2006

    Lots of shows are coming back from the dead, can\'t wait to see if this show ever does.

    I would buy the crap out of this DVD!

    Liked the airplane and naked gun movies, but it would be GREAT to get a hold of these.

    I have kids, and they could watch these, I am sure my older son would love it!

    Can't say the same for the naked gun movies, what with the dildo on a jack-hammer bits and all.

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    A short-lived, funny comedy that never quite caught on with the general public. The fact that a show this great only lasted 6 episodes is a shame. There was never anything quite like it on TV ever again. Here's hoping for the rumored 2006 DVD release.

    By DoctorHair, Feb 10, 2006

    A comedy spoof series in the vein of Airplane! and the Naked Gun. The original run of the show on ABC spawned only 6 episodes, leaving fans like myself sorely disappointed. This disappointment was with the quantity, however, not the quality. The hilarious, blink-and-you-miss-it jokes of this series are comic gold and should definitely be mined by more people. The amazing performance by Leslie Nielsen as Frank Drebin is flawlessly executed. The only consolation you can really find is the Naked Gun movies that spawned from it. Get out there to your local video store and give the a try if you haven't already.moreless

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