Police Squad!

Testimony of Evil (Dead Men Don't Laugh)

Season 1, Ep 6, Aired 7/8/82
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  • Episode Description
  • A struggling comedian steals drug money from a crooked nightclub owner. When his body is discovered at the bottom of a cliff in a car crash, all the clues point to murder. Frank steps in and takes the place of the deceased at the nightclub in order to gather more clues.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Peter Lupus


  • Leslie Nielsen

    Detective Frank Drebin

  • David Zucker

  • William Duell


  • Jim Abrahams

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (6)

    • Frank: When I arrived at the morgue, my boss had already begun to investigate the physical evidence. As was our custom in such cases, we began to talk.

    • Coroner: It's a typical 415. Frank: 415? Coroner: Yes. The body was found 415' from the car.

    • Frank: File on Culdiss? Ed: Yeah, yeah, it's a complete detailed report. Born 19423 in Philadelphia. In and out of foster homes until the age of 15. Then he moved into Smith's home. Wasn't happy there, either. Then he fought Larry Holmes. Last known address was a mobile home in Alabama. Married, one child. That didn't work out so he married a grown woman.

    • Veronica: Say, that was nice work. You took a big chance doing that. Frank: Well, you take a chance getting up in the morning, crossing the street, or sticking your face in a fan.

    • Ted Olson: So, you see, Katie, objects get their shape from the arrangement of their molecules. If you applied force to these molecules, their arrangement is altered. The shape of the object changes. Now, did you bring me your Crying Judy doll? Katie: Here she is, Mr. Olson. Ted Olson: All right. Now let's see what happens when we put Crying Judy in the trash compactor. Oh, hi, Frank. Katie, why don't you run along now. Next week we'll learn why cows look forward to giving milk.

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    Notes (6)

    • Elevator Gag: A Cavalry officer enters the elevator, and gets off in the middle of a Indian battle - a flaming arrow comes flying into the elevator.

    • Johnny's Next Customer: Dick Clark wanting to know about Ska music then asking for his regular supply of "youth creme."

    • Next Week's Experiment: "Why cows look forward to giving milk."

    • Ted Olsen's Experiment: Reforming molecules under pressure by crushing a child visitor's Crying Judy doll.

    • Opening Credits: William Conrad is stabbed and then thrown out of a moving car.

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