Postcards from Buster

Coming Together (Seattle, Washington)

Season 1, Ep 38, Aired 3/29/05
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  • Episode Description
  • Buster learns how to help a friend at Church. He makes a movie about lending a hand at a Summer Camp.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Marcel Jeannin

    Bo Baxter

  • Norman Groulx

    Carlos of Los Viajeros

  • Elizabeth Diaga

    Mora of Los Viajeros

  • Cameron Ansell


  • Danny Brochu

    Buster Baxter

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  • Quotes (5)

    • Buster: (Under Sea) There you go! Your very own school. (Talks to the fishes)

    • Los Viajeros: Unu cusu qu yu sulu su, Cufú!

    • Buster: We shall rob from the rich and give back to the poor! (Enters castle, "Muffy" takes bows and break it.) Buster: Ahhhh!

    • Buster: Have you ever get THA AYE? (The Eye?)

    • Buster: (After eating everything) So, what's for dessert?

    Notes (6)

    • This is the second of two episodes in the first season in Seattle, Washington.

    • "Los Viajeros" sings the "Cafe" song, a traditional hispanic song: "Yo te dare, te dare niña hermosa, te dare una cosa, una cosa que yo solo sé, Café." (I'll give you now, I'll shall give beautiful child, I'll give you one thing, one thing that I only know, Cofee!")

    • This episode has an "Arthur" feature, The "Buster's Robin Hood", while Buster tries to enter the castle, but Muffy stops him.

    • The episode is filmed at "Camp Orkila" in an island outside of Seattle, WA. This is a YMCA Camp. In order to get there, either by seaplane or boat.

    • This episode includes a small segment from "Arthur" (Episode: "April 9th"), where Buster visit Mr. Morris, after the school accident.

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    Allusions (1)

    • LOS VIAJEROS: "Una Cosa que yo solo sé, Café!"/"Unu cusu qu yu sulu su, Cufú!"
      "The Café Song" is a traditional hispanic song from South America. It is also considered a child game type of song, where the vocals are the main part of it. This is how Hispanics sings the song (Like a game of vocals): Yo te daré, te daré, niña hermosa, te daré una cosa, una cosa yo sólo sé. ¡Café! Ya ta dará, ta dará, naña harmasa, ta dará ana casa, ana casa qua ya sala sá. ¡Cafá! Ye te deré, te deré, neñe hermese, te deré ene cese, ene cese que ye sele sé. ¡Cefé! Yi ti dirí, ti dirí, niñi hirmisi, ti dirí ini cisi, ini bici qui yi sili sí. ¡Cifi! Yo to doró, to doró noño hermoso, to doró ono coso, ono boco quo yo solo só. ¡Cofó! Yu tu durú , tu durú nuñu hurmusu, tu durú unu cusu, unu bucu quu yu sulu sú. ¡Cufu!

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