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    I prefer the original over this one.

    By sumoneelse3950, Feb 13, 2014

    Okay, this is one of the worst shows I have ever seen in my life. It is barely a spinoff of Arthur. It is more of show of places Buster goes but we barely see him in the series. Why do we need to see this show?! It's just a waste of time! Do people think it's good? Buster really talks weird in this series. So if you want to make another series based off another series, make it good!

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    Best. Show. ever!

    By onyxorinis, Dec 16, 2013

    This show kicks ass! You get to see all of these cool places and learn a lot about other cultures! Fuck anyone who doesn't like this show, gives it a low rating and/or say they have gripes or problems with the show! I hope those assholes fie a slow, horrible, bloody, painful death!

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    This was great

    By Luka149, Jan 11, 2013

    I loved watching this when I was younger

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    ok so what? i dont like it its about an animated bunny that goes into the real world and goes intos kids houses without permission. (if you want to kill me, read my review)

    By darkmegaboy15, Aug 20, 2011

    postcards from buster? no no no. i hate it. they it should have a different name. If it was called Tampons from Buster. I would watch it. (most of you out there are probably gonna kill me). hmmmmmmmm... ive got nothing else to say except for that this show is like arthurs sister show. Anyway, i dont like this show. it shuld be off air and Ed,Edd, n' Eddy should NOT be off air. blah blah blah blah blah blah blah bored. i hate this show ive got nothing to say. (send me a message and tell me what you think of my review of this show)moreless

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    What the Heck is this S***?

    By themadddog54, Aug 20, 2011

    Before there was Family Guy, Total Drama Island, and South Park, I watched Arthur when I was a kid. I enjoyed it and enjoy it to this day. However, Postcards from Buster? You got to be kidding me! First of all, whats the point of watching this show? I mean he goes into peoples houses and stuff.....There was even 2 contreversial episodes that almost killed the show. This show is dumb. If you want to see Buster, then see the original Arthur. Now that is a good show. If you don't like it too, then change it to Family Guy, Total Drama Island, or South Park. If you don't like those shows, then find something else to watch! Just avoid this show at all costs unless you need to kill time when boring stuff is on.moreless

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    Review says it all...why type anything?

    By MadameCat, Feb 08, 2011

    Wow--so stupidly horrific, I have no choice but to copy the words of another reviewer to voice the opinion of me: "Arthur is by far one of my favorite kids shows that I still love to this day. Now when I heard of a spin off of Arthur, I figured this was going to be bad since spin offs tend to fail. The show stars Buster, Arthur's best friend, and he would go around the world and see different cultures and talk to some of the residents in the country they are visiting. All the show is just showing a first person perspective of a camera and showing the areas of where Buster goes. We barely get to see Buster in this show and only hear his voice. Why do we need to see this at all? Am I watching an Arthur spin off or am I looking at someone's vacation videos? I don't mind learning different cultures, but I don't think kids will be amused of it and find it boring. If maybe Postcards from Buster was shot in animation, not live action, and it shows Buster meeting and gaining new friends in the places he goes to and do adventures together, that would be brilliant, but this is just unneeded. There really is no point to show this to kids since they are only interested in Buster only and will ignore the cultural things. Marc Brown, please remove this show and don't do another spin off on Arthur. If you love Buster, go see him on Arthur instead." Or, watch some Arthur tapes...moreless

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    The Great Equalizer

    By Lynnie_Lyn, May 22, 2007

    I've been a fan of "Arthur" since it debuted in '96, and Buster has always been my favorite character because he's so funny. I thought it was really cool that he has his own show now. He travels with his dad who chaufers a Latino band to concerts and studios across the continent, including Canada, Central America and the Carribean. While they're there, Buster meets kids of different cultures, religions, and social backgrounds. He parties at Mardi Gras, celebrates Chinese New Year, races in a Mush, and dances in a Pow Wow. He visits the Sears Tower, the Golden Gate, the Alamo, and Lady Liberty. He worships with Mormons, Orthodox Jews, Baptists, and Islams. He learns words in many languages, and finds out how kids with different physical disabilites do things most people take advantage of. It helps people see that there are a lot of different people in the world, and although we have different cultures, speak different languages, worship differently, and just do things differently, we're all really the same- human! Sometimes it's kind of weird being half cartoon and half live video, but the message is great. I applaud Marc Brown for creating this Great Equalizer!moreless

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    i like this show alot

    By alahiap, Apr 03, 2007

    this is a very educational show

    at first i did not think i would like it because of the name. but now i know for sure that i was wrong. as the old saying gos never judge a book by it's cover.

    by watching this show you learn new things. you learn about new place,nw people,new everything. you see different culturs and tridittions. you see different clothing and various different amount of fodd. you see different religions, different neighbourhoods,different animals.

    and best of all you get to see this all with buster baxter.moreless

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    This show is about a bunny named buster witch I like in arthur but his preformance in this show is poor. buster get to meet humans if I was someone that meet buster I would be runing around screaming.

    By matrix103, Oct 28, 2006

    I hate this show I hate this show I hate this show I hate this show I hate this show. this show drives me crazy this is a boring show. this show is the worst show is 900 years. I\'am telling the truth about all this. Please beleive me I hate this show a poor back ground poor everything good bye.

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