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  • Jane Read: Kids, we're going to New York City! Arthur & D.W.: New York City!

  • Woman: Nothing like sleeping in. Buster: But it's 6:19. I only got ten hours of sleep.

  • Buster: Dad, can I get a tatoo? Bo Baxter: Eh.... no....

  • Lauren: "This is my pig, Francine." Buster: "Hey, I have a friend named Francine... But she's a girl, not a pig."

  • Farah's Mom: Are you having fun in Chicago? Buster: Mmm, donuts.

  • Buster: It's just money and a trophy and a whole lot of people watching and maybe I'd better stop talking.

  • Buster: I'm just getting strawberries. No problem. But why did she say 'be careful out there?'

  • Rebecca: Buster, you ask too many questions!

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Notes (198)

  • In the scene where D.W. imagines living in a hotel, it is a spoof of the books and movie, "Eloise in the Plaza".

  • We learn Buster's father's name is Bo Baxter.

  • You can really see real footage of New York City.

  • This episode was a regular Arthur episode and this episode will become the Arthur spin off.

  • Show Promo: Buster talks about all the fun sights and attractions that he's seen and we can see on his new show.

  • Wait! I forgot to tell you something I learned in Indiana: Buster discusses the eating and drinking habits of cows.

  • PBS Kids GO! - Guitar - A boy talks about how he plays a guitar, but he isn't a "rock star."

  • This show has some changes from "Arthur." The animation is slightly different, and Buster's dad has hair!

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Trivia (32)

  • Buster appears to be riding on a 777 due to the wing structure or maybe even an air bus due to the way the TVs in the filming segment come down. but the animated plane has a tale engine which neither the 777 or the airbus has.

  • Buster is running his video camera while the plane is taking off from the runway. Passengers are supposed to turn off their portable electronic devices during takeoff.

  • camera is visible(kind of):In the part where buster is in the fortune cookie factory, the kids show buster a picture of the grandmother, who started the factory. If you look closely at the framed glassed picture, you can see a reflection of the camera guy aka Buster, you can even see a picture of buster on the reflection of the glass!!

  • Close-captioning throughout the episode misspells the name of Taylor McCullough as Tayler.

  • When Buster mentions Taylor from the previous episode, close-captioning once again misspells her name as Tayler.

  • Once again our friends at PBS got their types of planes confused. Buster's dad appears to fly a lear jet but when buster looks out the window in the live action part it is clearly the wing of a 777.

  • When it shows that Mr. Ratburn says that buster didn't tell the truth about the he wouldn't allow dancing in the class Mr.Ratburns hand turns into the same color of his ear.

  • When Buster says "I've got Katy and Katey to hang out with now," close-captioning reads "the Katies."

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Allusions (48)

  • Buster: Buster has a copy of "Death of a Salesman" .
    A copy of Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesman" is shown sitting in Buster's house. Buster quoted from this play in the "Arthur" episode "Buster's Sweet Success".

  • The episode title "Sleepy in Seattle" is a reference to the the popular phrase and movie title Sleepless in Seattle.

  • Buster: What is this house thing?
    Carlos: It's a pagoda.
    A pagoda is a type of multi-storied Japanese and Chinese structure. Find out more about it here.

  • Red-Haired Boy: It's like you're Spider-Man or something.
    Spider-Man is a comic book superhero whose deeds were also popularized on television (numerous shows) and movies.

  • Buster: Look at all the snow here, Dad. No wonder they held the Olympics here.
    The Olympics are a popular sporting tradition that have been played since ancient times. The 2002 Winter Olympics were held at the Park City Mountain Resort, seen in this episode.

  • Muffy: Nobody would want to watch a (static crackling) like that. Have you seen Ken Burns (static crackles again)?
    The writers are having another good bit of fun here by having Muffy take a poke at Ken Burns, who has a provided a number of rather popular documentaries for PBS. You can learn more about him at the page for his production Jazz at the official PBS site, as well as other companion sites for his documentaries.

  • Buster: I've heard of Br'er Rabbit. I didn't know that's a Gullah story.
    Br'er Rabbit is the story of a clever rabbit. He also appears as one of the characters in the Disney movie Song of the South. You can learn more about him at a page dedicated to Disney comics characters.

  • Mother: Gullah is a lifestyle that's particular to this part of the country.
    Gullah culture was brought over to South Carolina by West Africans and is still maintained today. You can learn more about it and the celebration of it at the official Native Island Gullah Celebration site.

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