Power of 10

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  • Drew Carey: How does it feel to be 19 and have a million dollars? Jamie Sadler: Better then to be 19 and not have a million dollars.

  • Drew Carey: 1st contestant, 1st show, and we gave a million dollars. This show is not gonna get through the 1st season if it keeps up like this!

  • Drew Carey: $90,000 riding on this. Jamie Sadler: I don't even know what $90,000 is. Drew Carey: Monopoly money, right? It's just chips!

  • Drew Carey: How many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb. Jamie Sadler: A couple? Drew Carey: One, that's not funny

  • Drew Carey: I don't got 100 grand. I can't give it to you. Tuesday, maybe.

  • Drew Carey: Finally you can ask your father what he thinks. When is the last time you did that? Jamie Sadler: Never.

  • Drew Carey: What percentage of men said that their partner has a nickname for their private parts? My girlfriend calls mine, "Oh him again."

  • Drew Carey: You're a marketing sales manager, but you run marathons. Maureen Francisco: I do, I run marathons. Drew Carey:Me too! Maureen Francisco: You do? Drew Carey: Yeah Drew Carey: Says, says you take 8 hours of dance classes and run 20 miles each week. Maureen Francisco: Well not every week, but maybe every other week. Drew Carey: Me too! Drew Carey: You secretly want to be a professional cheerleader. Maureen Francisco: Well that's... Drew Carey: Me too!

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  • The premiere of Power of 10 had 9.25 million viewers, which was the highest in that time slot since May.

  • Drew did not even rehearse giving away a million dollars because the producers were so sure it would never happen.