Power Rangers

Face to Face (2)

Season 15, Ep 12, Aired 5/21/07
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  • Episode Description
  • Mack joins forces with Tyzonn, learning that the reptilian creature is actually a human from the planet Mercury, cursed by Moltor. If the Red Ranger can then convince his Overdrive teammates to trust in him as well, they may have the means to recover the second jewel to the Corona Aurora from its lava crater hiding place. That is, if they can get past Moltor's Bullox monster first! And, will the new Sonic Streaker be enough to take on the flying menace of Moltor's Lavadactyls?moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Jackie Marchand

  • Mike Smith (II)

  • Caitlin Murphy

    Ronny Robinson, Yellow Overdrive Ranger

  • Gareth Yuen

    Dax Lo, Blue Overdrive Ranger

  • James Maclurcan

    Mackenzie "Mack" Hartford, Red Overdrive Ranger

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (5)

    • Bullox: You're fighting on the wrong side, Tyzonn! You're one of us! Tyzonn: We may look the same, but I will never be one of you! Never!!

    • Mack: So, you're from a reptillian race that can liquidise themselves into mercury at will. Tyzonn: I am not a reptile! Mack: Sorry, guess the scales gave me the wrong impression.

    • Rose: (About Bullox) He's as strong as our Megazord! Will: What do we do now? Dax: I hope this thing has airbags!

    • Andrew: (About Mack) He's unpredictable. You never know what he's going to do next. Spencer: Yes, much like his father when he was a teenager, sir.

    • Tyzonn: My crystal! Mack: Yeah. Told you we were high-tech, huh? Spencer: Oh, yes, behold the technological marvel known as "glue".

    Notes (12)

    • Moltor makes one of his monsters grow for the first time, through the use of a red spear-like object.

    • The Drivemax Ultrazord formation boasts the largest number of Zords combined together at once (ten) in the history of the entire series.

    • The Lavadactyls are based on PRDT's Dragozord.

    • The Sonic Streaker launches in almost the same way as the Rail Rescues during the SuperTrain Megazord formation from PRLR.

    • Not only is the first time the Sentinel Knight has appeared since the first episode, but it marks the first time he's named onscreen.

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    Trivia (5)

    • After Tyzonn dumps lemonade on the parchment, it is only wet in the close-up shots. In all the others, it looks dry and stiff.

    • Just like the first jewel of the Corona Aurora, the second jewel is no longer in its diamond shaped form that was seen in the flashback in "Kick Into Overdrive (1)".

    • Despite having been shattered and merely glued back together, Tyzonn's crystal is seamlessly restored. There isn't the slightest crack visible on it. Wouldn't the smarter move have been to have the jewels restore it magically too, instead of gluing?

    • When Tyzonn is thanked by Hartford for giving him the jewel, it's Hartford's voice that responds that it was his pleasure, not Tyzonn's.

    • Coordinates 69.3 S by 175.6 E marks an ocean location about 170 miles off the coast of Antarctica directly below New Zealand. The location the Rangers travel to however is clearly not located that far south since there is green vegetation scattered across the island, which would be impossible to survive that far south.

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