Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon: Live Action

CBC (ended 2004)
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  • S 1 : Ep 53

    Special Act

    Aired 11/26/04

  • S 1 : Ep 50

    Special Act

    Aired 11/26/04

  • S 1 : Ep 49

    Final Act

    Aired 9/25/04

  • S 1 : Ep 48


    Aired 9/18/04

  • S 1 : Ep 47


    Aired 9/4/04

  • Cast & Crew
  • Kappei Yamaguchi

    Artemis [voice]

  • Keiko Han

    Luna [voice]

  • Komatsu Ayaka

    Minako Aino/Sailor Venus

  • Shibue Jouji

    Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask

  • Miyuu Sawai

    Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon

  • show Description
  • Sailor Moon: Live Action! Main Plot of the Series: Stealing people's energy and trying to take over the world, the evil organization known as the "Dark Kingdom" is running rampant across the globe. Caught in the middle of all this is 2nd year Juuban Middle School student Tsukino Usagi (Sawai Miyuu), who meets a stuffed cat doll, who turns into a senshi, named Luna (Keiko Han) & (Koike Rina). Who in turn gives her the magical ability to transform into "Sailor Moon" It turns out that this clumsy, crybaby has no choice but to stand up and fight against the Dark Kingdom. Sailor Moon will meet with her fellow Senshi, The smartest girl in Usagi's school: Mizuno Ami "Sailor Mercury" (Hama Chisaki)A temple pristis: Hino Rei "Sailor Mars"(Kitagawa Keiko)The strongest girl at Usagi's school and best cook: Kino Makoto "Sailor Jupiter" (Azama Myuu)& #1 Idol: Aino Minako "Sailor Venus" (Komatsu Ayaka)Together they will all fight with the guidance of fellow plus-cat Artemis (Yamaguchi Kappei) and the mysterious Tuxedo Kamen (Shibue Jouji)! Sailor Moon has learned of her past as Princess Serenity of the Moon world, and has realize her true destiny and fate now she posses the power of Princess Sailor Moon to stand forth versus the Darkness that threatens the happy piece of this world. All the senshi will need to work together to stop Queen Beryl (Sugimoto Aya) and her plans to bring forth the true dark Queen. During the series, many new things have happend. Sailor Mercury was turned evil by the hands of Kunzite to replace Zoicite. Dark Mercury became the senshi's new enemy and a tough one at that. Dark Mercury almost killed 'The Princess' (Sailor Venus). While fighting Kunziteand Mercury Usagi becomes the true princess and reveals the silver crystal. Venus becomes leader of inner senshi and Luna becomes a full senshi, Sailor Luna. After Mercury was healed a new student arrived at Usagi's school named Mio who turns out to be the dark Queen's shadow. In a battle for Mamoru's heart the power of the princess fully awakend to become a new form, Princess Sailor Moon. Now the battle is set up, the darkness and light will battle one more time for this world. After the final battle Usagi and Mamoru got married, on a lovely summer day surrounded by friends, Usagi got her dream to become a bride, and is learning to be a house wife like her mother. Ami is a specialized American-Japanese doctor, currently living in the USA. Rei is practicing to harness her mystical powers given to her by birth. Makoto has a steady relationship with Motoki, she has a flower shop, where she designs and arranges floral designs. Minako has become an international HIT and ranks as one of the worlds top artist, with plenty of awards to prove so. Though the five have drifted away, the events of 03'-04' will always live in their hearts, as SAILOR SENSHI. Episodes: 49 Specials: 6 Opening Credits: Kirari*Sailor Dream! Starring: - Sawai Miyuu - Hama Chisaki - Kitagawa Keiko - Azama Myuu - Komatsu Ayaka - Shibue Jouji - Sugimoto Aya - Yamaguchi Kappei & Han Keiko as Luna Recurring: - Masuo Jun - Matsumoto Hiroyuki - Endou Yoshito - Kubodera Akira - Kawabe Cheiko - Kikawada Masaya - Moriwaka Kaori - Takeshi Naoki - Matsushita Moeko - Alisa & Koike Rina as Luna Planning: - Katou Naoji - Watanabe Tetsuya - Yoshino Kenichi Chief Producers: - Okazaki Yoshiyuki - Takezawa Toshiyuki Producers: - Sakata Yuuma - Yada Kouichi - Shirakura Shin'ichirou - Maruyama Shinya Scripting: - Kobayashi Yasuko Directors: - Tasaki Ryuuta (Act.1-2, 7-8) - Takamaru Masataka (Act.3-4, 11-12, 19-20, 25-26, 37-38, 45-46,) - Maihara Kenzou (Act.5-6, 13-14, 21-22, 27-28, 33-34, 39-40, 49) - Suzumura Nobuhiro (Act.9-10, 15-16, 35-36, 43-44, 47-48) - Sato Takemitsu (Act.17-18, 23-24, 41-42) - Matsumura Fumio (29-30) - Kawaguchi Shigehisa (31-32) Stunts: -Komaki Shouko -G-Rockets Hanzawa Tomomi Imamura Yuriko Yoshihama Airi Takai Mai Sekine Asuka Miyake Ayako -Japan Action Enterprise (Youma action) Music Orientation: -Oshima Michiru Opening Theme: - Takeuchi Naoko ~ Lyrics - Haba Hitoshi ~ Composer - Kyouda Seiichi ~ Arrangement - SAE ~ Preformer(singer) Act 1-27, 28, 48 & 49 edited credits Show Stars: Show Stars do NOT incluide the specials or movies. Anyone, incluiding the main senshi, will be casted as 'guest stars' for the specials and videos. The Show Stars is for the MAIN 49 episodes only. Contributing: Please do not contribute to the cast list or guest star list unless the person is not already there. Do not contribute any of the FOUR GENERALS into the main star list. Please make sure you stay in the same format we use. Sailor V Spin-Off: No offical word has been announced about a Sailor V spin off starring Komatsu Ayaka. Rumors have been surfacing but Toei has yet to announce anything. Sawai Miyuu & Hama Chisaki has pupilcly announced they will not appear in any spin offs after Act. ZERO. Komatsu Ayaka has said no word on the matter on accepting the role as Sailor V again. THIS SHOW IS OFFICALY OVER. ACT.49 WAS THE FINAL ACT, WHILE ACT '50' AKA SPECIAL ACT WILL BE FOR DVD ONLY AND WILL NOT AIR ON TV. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT YEAR! DVD list moved to bottom of the page Information on the original anime can be found in the Bishôjo senshi Sailor Moon which I do not run or control. Newly owned and is turning around for the better!moreless

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (129)

    • Komatsu Ayaka: I don't have much acting experience, but I'll do my best. So, I hope alot of people will watch me.

    • Azama Myuu: I've got alot of worries but...I'll do my best, so please cheer.

    • Kitagawa Keiko: I read and saw the Manga and Anime. I hope to make all of Japan's Sailor Mars fans happy. My thought was "I want to play the role of Hino Rei."

    • Hama Chisaki: I'll try my best to not disappoint everyone. Nice to meet you!

    • Sawai Miyuu: I asked my friends, "Do you remember Sailor Moon? Which role would fit me?" Everyone said "Usagi" That decided it. I thought I'd try my best to be like Usagi-chan.

    • Sailor Moon: Moon Healing Escalation! (The monster is gone and Naru's mother is healed) SailorMoon: I did it! So cool! Luna: Well done Sailor Moon.

    • Luna: Usagi-chan. Now! Usagi: Right...Moon Prism Power... Make-up! Moon: Pretty Guardian of Love and Justice... Sailor Moon! In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!

    • Luna: You are one of those Guardians. Usagi: Huh? Guardian? Ah, I understand. Luna: Huh? Usagi: This is a dream! This is a dream, I'm seeing thing. Luna: H-h-h-hey! Usagi-chan! Please! Fight with me! (there is silence as the two look at each other) Usagi: It's a dream!

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    Notes (288)

    • Rei filmed her scene weeks before everyone else.

    • The TV series's opening credits played at the end of this act.

    • Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor V both have a vision of the past including Serenity and the Moon Kingdom.

    • Usagi and her friends become: Sailor M, Sailor N, Sailor K & Sailor Rabbit.

    • The four generals all appear as police officers.

    • Artemis, much like Luna, lands on Minako's head when they first meet.

    • AKA Pretty Guardian Sailor V.

    • It took 7 takes to get the 'Luna falling on Usagi' scene.

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    Trivia (52)

    • Like the Special Act, this was a direct to video release.

    • It is unclear if the end fighting is meant to be the same one from Act.1, yet many of the same things happen but the place is different.

    • The flower Sailor V has changes from red to yellow depending on the view.

    • The announcer keeps says they where filming Act.1 but really it was Act.2 because Ami is only shown once in Act.1

    • There are approx. 30+ Bunnies in Usagi bedroom alone. Usagi's name is based off the "Bunny of the Moon" Folk tail told to Japanese Children. The story fits Usagi nicely seeing as the bunny not only ruled over the moon, but was fun loving as well.

    • All the desks in Usagi and Ami's class are pink.

    • When the dagger is tossed at Sailor Moon she should look more scared then she did.

    • Ami's glasses are plain glasses. She doesn't need them.

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    Allusions (14)

    • Luna: The Mystical Silver Crystal is a jewel with great power in it. If it fell in enemy hands, Earth would immidately be destroyed... The Mew Aqua from Tokyo Mew Mew is like the Mystical Silver Crystal, it is so powerful that if it were to fall in the hands of the enemies, it would destroy everything.

    • Rei: Its in the Ruck
      A ruck is short for Rucksack which is a backpack with an animal (in this case a turtle) one it.

    • Visual: Item Usagi gives Mako-chan
      One way Japanese people grant their wishes is by writing them on paper or a board and hanging them from a tree. This is done yearly on the Tanabata Festival. It says: Shin, Nako Nako get

    • Usagi: "Princess Kaguya" Its an old, well known Japanese legend: A girl was born from a bamboo shoot, she lived with an old man and woman, but... That girl was actually a Princess from the Moon, and would have to return when she became an adult. It ends sadly. Kaguya: Shining Brightly

    • Visual: Christmas in Japan Christmas is not a national holiday in Japan due to the fact not many people are Christin in Japan but, the holiday has spread hugely from other parts of the world making it popular for mostly teen girls and young children.

    • Usagi: Please make it out to Usagi-chan! Usagi ask Minako to write her name in Kanji which is Chinese characters but the Manager informs her that Hiragana is fine. Hiragana is like the alphabet with 46 symbols and each one has its own sylable.

    • Artemis: Sailor Venus-sama!
      'Sama' can mean high class or royalty. He calls her Venus-sama to mean she is Princess/Lady Sailor Venus. The generals of Queen Beryl call her Beryl-sama instead of Queen Beryl cause she is not the real queen but just in charge.

    • Visual: Products Usagi wanted to buy.
      Silent the Earth: 200,000 yen = 20,000 dollars Nature Book: 7,800 yen = 78 dollars

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  • Fan Reviews (12)
  • A great adaptation of a great anime.

    By TwoTonePhantom, Jun 23, 2011

  • there five girls they are called sailor moon sailor mars sailor venus sailor mercury and sailor luna and they are know as sailor senshi's

    By sailormoonlove, Jan 12, 2008

  • Hurray, teenage girls save the day!

    By Tiny0fairy, Sep 30, 2007

  • Regular teenage, Tsukino Usagi, finds out that she, along with four other girls, must save the world from destruction.

    By Yorktowne_Yeti, May 23, 2007

  • Funny, but a little bit to childish.

    By da_dunker, Apr 30, 2007