If At First You Don't Succeed, Lie, Lie Again

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (1)

  • Alison: I made you, Spencer! I made all of you!

Notes (2)

  • Original International Air Dates:
    Philippines: February 4, 2011 on ETC
    United Kingdom: June 30, 2011 on MTV
    Slovakia: July 22, 2012 on Markiza
    Czech Republic: December 15, 2012 on Prima LOVE

  • Music in this episode: "Get Ready" by The Daylights "Hey Na Na" by Katie Herzig "Leave It All Behind" by Allie Moss "Redeeming Love" by Amy Stroup "Heal for the Honey" by Brooke Waggoner

Trivia (4)

  • Spencer has a problem when her blood sugar drops.


  • When the girls are looking at the picture of Ali on Spencer's laptop, there's an A message. When Aria prints the picture, the message is gone.

  • "A" Messages:

    To Hanna: "Wanna help Mama get $$$? Show Aria's mom what her kid's been hiding. -A"

  • Goof: When Hanna and Caleb are talking about him sabotaging Mrs. Montgomery's car, the sticker on the inside of Hanna's locker (above the picture of her and Mona) is crooked on the far away shots and straight on the close ups.