Prime Suspect

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  • Pam: (of murdered woman in reconstruction) She was a pretty girl. Mrs Tennison: That's not the real girl, that's someone dressed up to look like her. Mr Tennison: They can't have the real girl, woman, because she's dead!

  • Moyra Henson: How long has she been bald, then? George Marlow: Dunno, she never mentions it. Still pretends, always telling me she needs a good shampoo and trim. Moyra Henson: Just goes to show you - the Rita Hayworth of Warrington was really Yul Brynner in disguise.

  • DI Frank Burkin: How'd the interview go? DCI Jane Tennison: E.D. Williams is a thirty-five-year old with a history of a mental disorder who has a passion for watching trains at Euston station. Now, either Sergeant Otley needs his frigging head seen to or he's sending me on a wild goose chase around London.

  • DCI Jane Tennison: So what do you think? DI Frank Burkin: About what, sir? DCI Jane Tennison: My voice suddenly got lower has it? Maybe my knickers are too tight. Listen, I like to be called governor or the boss. I don't like Ma'am - I'm not the bloody Queen. So take your pick. DI Frank Burkin: Yes, Ma'am.

  • DCI Jane Tennison: How'd you feel about your boyfriend picking up prostitutes? Moyra Henson: I love it! Gives me a night's rest!

  • Detective Inspector Burkin: (searching house) Where's your bathroom? Moyra Henson: This is harassment, you know! You've already been here two days on the trot. What are you looking for this time? I've got an appoinment to keep, you know. How long are you going to be this time?

  • Jessica Smithy: (looking at Hall's tie) Choose them yourself, do you? Inspector Hall: No, my girlfriend does. Jessica Smithy: I'd get rid of her, if I were you.

  • DCI Jane Tennison: Now, you listen to me, Martin, you think you can play games with us, lie to us and its all a joke isn't it? Well, it isn't. Colin Jenkins is dead, there's no one to claim his body, no one to even bury him. No one cares about Colin other than us, and you're next, Martin. You're the next little dead body we find out there, you know that?

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  • In Europe, this episode was released on DVD under the title Prime Suspect 1: A Price to Pay.

  • This episode is also known as Prime Suspect 2: Operation Nadine (DVD title).

  • Helen Mirren won a 1993 BAFTA Television Award (Best Actress) for her part as Jane Tennison in this episode.

  • Prime Suspect 3 is also known as Prime Suspect 3: The Keeper of Souls (DVD title).

  • This episode has a total length of 200 minutes. Outside the UK, it has been broadcast in two parts and also in four parts.

  • Prime Suspect 6 was nominated for a TV Bafta (2004) for Best Drama Serial and Helen Mirren was also nominated for Best Actress.

  • Dame Helen Mirren is reported to have been paid 750,000 pounds (about US$1,350,000) to return as Detective Chief Superintendent Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect 7.

  • "The Final Act" is a co-production by Granada and WGBH Boston.

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Trivia (1)

  • Park Rangers? When interviewing Sturdy about the time he spent, he claims, sitting in his car on Hampstead Heath thinking, he is asked if any Park Rangers might have seen him. This is unlikely, as the nearest Park Rangers to Hampstead Heath are some 5,000 miles away, in the U.S.