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  • S 5 : Ep 0

    October 19th 2012

    Aired 10/19/12

  • S 5 : Ep 0

    October 12th 2012

    Aired 10/12/12

  • S 5 : Ep 0

    Sept 28th 2012

    Aired 9/28/12

  • S 5 : Ep 0

    Sept 21st 2012

    Aired 9/21/12

  • S 5 : Ep 0

    Sept 14th 2012

    Aired 9/14/12

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  • What would you do if you saw an act of injustice? How would you react to something so outrageous or tragic that it compels you to do something about it? Primetime: What Would You Do? sets up elaborate realistic scenarios with actors testing real controversial subjects to see what ordinary people would do when pushed to act, or if they act at all. What these ordinary people don't know, is that Johnm Quinones is recording and listening to every word. Based on the popular segments on ABC's 20/20, John delves into the implicit and overt actions prompted in real-life controversial situations. Psychologists are often given the chance to explaint the theories behind the action or inaction. The show was intended to be a limited series, however the popularity of the show continues to push production with more scenarios that involve everyday people. Only a limited number of episodes have been produced over the past few years.moreless

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    • There's also an update on Linda Hamilton, the woman we saw two episodes ago help a homeless man (played by an actor) after 88 people passed him. John gets her a cellphone since her old one was disconnected. Then he reads her some of the touching letters posted for her. He brings her to a social services place and makes sure she has a personal file set up with someone who is going to help her get off the street.

    • Affection at the Bar: A gay couple is hired to be affectionate in a sports bar. There's also a acting heterosexual couple on the opposite side and a "gay basher" that strums up some negativity. One man immediately shuts the gay basher down, tells him to get out. Next he uses humor, one man says to the basher that the couple asked him to stop, so stop. Next the gay couple turns up the heat with kissing. A woman gets shaken up with the comments, eventually saying that it wasn't right to bash on them. More people stand up to the couple than increase the harassment.

    • Online Dating Mishap: Tall, strong man is replaced by an actor who's balding and is much shorter. The beautiful girl is replaced by an actress that's over 6 feet tall and heavier in weight. The first girl encounters the actor and fakes having a good time. Later she says she wouldn't have gone on to a second date. For the next girl, they put the original guy on her other side. She does a double take and while the actor is gone, he steals the date back! Not every date is so nice, one girl is pretty upset. Part 2: The guys meeting the girl they met online. First guy stays for a bit and states there's no harm in conversing. The second guy is so pissed he doesn't even agree for his face to be shown. The third guy stays outside, phones her, and cancels! The 4th guy doesn't notice the difference until the original beauty pulls up beside him.

    • Stranger with a Badge: An actor posing as a cop pulls out a badge and asks a shopper to take a woman's wallet from inside the store (also an actor). Recall the McDonald's incident that made headlines. The first woman does steal the wallet. Another scenario has a woman dropping pills to sedate the suspect in her drink. She does it. Back at the supermarket, the cop asks to steal the baby to protect her. She doesn't think she's being duped! One man actually questions the cop (1 of the 22 people) and is the only one to do so.

    • Racial Profiling in Store: The manager is quite offensive, but few customers say something directly. The manager confronts customers to engage them in the discussion. One woman starts crying because the manager is acting very rude. A black couple get very upset and leave. But only 20 of 100 people intervene.

    Trivia (10)

    • The crashers are able to keep their act going right into the night at the wedding. Even after extremely obvious behavior (e.g. odd dancing, accents, multiple differing stories) they do not get caught until later on in the night.

    • People didn't always step up for the blind man. However, people almost always stepped up for the blind woman. Those who stepped up were very persistent though, and were very adamant against the employee.

    • Nasty Mother of the Bride: First they use a thin and pretty bride-to-be. Whenever the mother leaves, everyone else in the store has her back. They support her, console her if she is crying, tell her that this is your day and you should be so happy. Some are dismissing of the mother's attitude, saying it is a tense time for everyone. Now a plus size actress is used as the bride-to-be. When the mother leaves, other people still comfort the daughter. One talks to the mother about it. Most of the other girls give the mother harsh looks. One woman takes her aside and specifically tells her not to call her daughter fat, saying she would never call her own child ugly.

    • Refusing Birth Control: The younger actress (16 years old) is quickly supported by one man who tells her that the pharmacist is wrong. Another man waits until she leaves then bursts out his support for the pharmacist! A woman notes that refusing to fill a prescription is against the law. Next the older teen (18 years old) has much of the same reactions. Two nuns actually walk in the pharmacy store and they have split decisions about the scene they see. Only 4 people in total thought the pharmacist was right, with many more saying he was wrong. But only 1 person challenged the pharmacist directly.

    • Collapsing on the Street: Women in busy Newark collapses, on average within 4 seconds, someone is stopping to ask if she is okay. Both men and women stop. Next, a man who looks quite shabby and may be homeless falls down on the street. Most actually pass by until one woman called 911. Even if they did not want to touch the man, they called for help. However, it took an average of 3 minutes. In the final scenario, a man with a beer can and a garbage bag falls to the ground. Over 80 people walk by before 1 woman stops and needs to ask someone to call 911 because she does not have a cell phone and is often homeless herself. She gathers a crowd and a few people actually stop to help her.

    • College Hazing: When boys were hazing other boys, whenever one person stepped up, usually others started to help out as well. However, when the hazing victims were female, a lot of men did not stop on their own. Some actually joined in with the hazing. However, when one of the girl victims cries, this gets the attention from everyone.

    • Thief on the Beach: The female actor places her towel down, doesn't converse and leaves. No one really says anything about the thief in this case. Dr. Keating says the greater the ambiguity the less likely they respond. But just a little small talk with people around her towel, the thief is targeted. Next, she behaves badly to her neighbors! When the thief steals her ipod, one man chases him down. Now they use a tall blonde "knockout". Part one when she doesn't talk: they notice the thief. Part two the attractive girl tries to woo a husband! The wife gets upset, but they do not do anything about the thief since the girl was disrespectful.

    • Faux Infomercial Product: 18 of 19 lied about the product's power. But John wants to test the limits, so he ups the ridiculousness of the requests. Some people start leaving. But then people start saying that it's worth the risk of cancer, since it contains carcinogens. Would people actually use the product? Yes! People actually put the product into their own hand and then drank a sample (that was really just a power drink). Only 4 of the 19 found a line they would not cross. Authority is very convincing!

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