Someday My Prince Will Gum

Season 1, Ep 4, Aired 10/18/91
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  • Melissa's annoying, hoity-toity sister, Debra, tries to fix her up via two tickets to the Periodontists' Ball. One for her and one for Murray Lieberman, a dentist who works in the same office as Debra's husband, Len. Melissa hates blind dates (and her sister) and doesn't want to commit to an evening with someone she hasn't seen. Tracy and Georgy convince her to make an appointment with Murray, so he can check out her gums... and she can check out him. Melissa finds Murray so attractive that she puts aside her reservations and invites him to the ball, just like Debra wanted. Unfortunately, Murray already has a girlfriend, and is going with her -- and Melissa needs to have a plaque scraping. Melissa assumes that Murray's nurse, Shannon, is his girlfriend, but when she makes small talk with Shannon, she finds out some good gossip to destroy her sister with: Shannon is having an affair with Len. Tracy and Georgy talk Melissa out of laughing about it to Debra, but now Melissa has to go to the ball with no date. So she makes Tracy go with her, and instead of telling Debra, tells Len and demands he stop seeing Shannon. But Debra already suspects Len is cheating on her, and he puts two and two together when he sees Melissa and Len talking to each other. After Debra attacks Melissa, Len confesses whom he's really having an affair with, and the two soon patch things up. Meanwhile, Melissa's chances at a dance with Murray are ruined after Georgy drops by the ball dressed like Cinderella.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Fran Drescher

    Melissa Kirshner

  • Julie Hagerty

    Tracy Dillon

  • Twiggy Lawson

    Princess Georgina "Georgy" De La Rue

  • John Bowman

  • Lee Shallat-Chemel

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  • Notes (4)

    • Richard Kind and Leila Kenzle also starred in Fran Drescher's hit sitcom "The Nanny", episode 2.02 "The Playwright" (Kind) and episode 5.18 "The Reunion Show" (Kenzle).

    • This episode was aired on TVLand in the summer of 2000 as part of its "Summer Sunday Showcase". The Showcase featured random episodes of series from the TVLand archives that viewers could watch and then vote for their favorites on; the winners getting the most votes getting a place on the TVL line-up.

    • Lee Shallat-Chemel is credited as Lee Shallat.

    • The series, which was floundering in its original time slot and getting built on by its lead-out, Brooklyn Bridge, switched time slots with it beginning with this airing. The move didn't improve Princesses' ratings any. Rather, it made Brooklyn Bridge's just as bad. Bridge would get many more chances in many more time slots to find an audience (it never did), but Princesses only got one more airing (and it never even aired on the editor's affiliate).

    Trivia (1)

    • Guest Stars Richard Kind and Leila Kenzle (here playing husband and wife Len Kleckner and Debra Kirshner-Kleckner) also played husband and wife Fran and Mark David Devenow as co-stars on the show Mad About You

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