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  • Supermodel Heidi Klum and Marie Claire Magazine present Project Runway, an all-new behind-the-scene documentary series and competition set in the other most glamorous business in the world: the fashion industry. For the thirteenth season, cameras will roll for fourteen episodes as up-and-coming designers compete in weekly challenges and are given all the resources of a top designer to prepare a competitive runway show for the next New York Fashion Week.Supermodel Heidi Klum co-developed the series and appears as one of the celebrity judges. Harvey Weinstein, Bob Weinstein and Meryl Poster serve as executive producers.In July 2006, the show began airing at 10PM, but by July 2008 and by September 2010, the show returned to it's 9PM timeslot. In 2013 hosts Heidi Klum and and Tim Gunn won an Emmy in the category Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality-Competition Program. Another Emmy was won by Jamie Pedroza, Mary DeChambres, Spiro C. Lampros, Richie Edelson, Maris Berzins, Matthew Moul, Steve Lichtenstein for Outstanding Picture Editing For Reality Programming in 2009.moreless

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  • S 14 : Ep 16

    Tim Gunn's Ultimate Throwback Thursday

    Aired 11/19/15

  • S 14 : Ep 15

    Season 14 Reunion

    Aired 11/12/15

  • S 14 : Ep 14

    Finale, Part 2

    Aired 11/5/15

  • S 14 : Ep 13

    Finale, Part 1

    Aired 10/29/15

  • S 14 : Ep 12

    Roll Out the Red Carpet

    Aired 10/22/15

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    • Robert: Wendy's great. I like to call her mom, cause she treats us like we're her kids, which is great.

    • Wendy: (shopping for the first challenge) I shop every day of my life. I have never approached a grocery store with fear.

    • Tim Gunn: There's a seduction about Daniel. When you're within three feet of him you get into his orbit, and you believe, but when you step back you look at what he's done and you ask yourself, 'What is that?!'

    • Daniel: If you believe in theatrics, then there are a lot of designers for you to choose from. However, you know, if you believe in honor, dignity, integrity... If you believe in artistic credence and if you believe in artistic honesty, and if you believ in following your bliss, then I'm Daniel Franco, and I'd like to wish you bliss.

    • Robert: Sports cars are like women. They're both sleek, sexy and extremely dangerous.

    • Wendy: I wanted the dress to exude Envy. I have a snake coming right down at the base of her back to symbolize that Envy will always bite you in the ass.

    • Wendy: I have been unfolding a strategy. I was going to get people to confide in me, and I would make sure to be there if they seemed to be in a weak spot. Anything that I thought later in the game I could use to my advantage, if I needed to get them out of my way.

    • Jay: (when accused of stealing dye by Kevin) I'm not a liar, I'm not a stealer, but I wanna be, and I wanna play one on TV.

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    • Daniel saved some money on his materials by signing up for a frequent shopper card at the store.

    • The guest judge was Patricia Field, the clothing designer for the TV show Sex and the City.

    • The guest judges were Constance White, the fashion/style director for eBay and Paul Berman, the owner of 30 Van Dam.

    • The Challenge: Personify 'Envy'.

    • All of the dresses made by the contestants are sleeveless. This wasn't a fashion statement, none of them had the time to fit sleeves on their designs.

    • Heidi announced that a donation would be made on behalf of the winning dress by Banana Republic for the non-profit organization To Dress For Success, which helps low income women with career development through assistance in their wardrobe.

    • The guest judge was Deborah Lloyd. She is the Head of Design and Development at Banana Republic.

    • The Challenge: Design a party dress that fits in with Banana Republic's current collection and would appeal to their customers.

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    Trivia (530)

    • Austin was the winner of the challenge. He gained immunity for the next challenge.

    • Daniel was the 1st designer eliminated.

    • Morgan, Kara Saun's model, was an hour late for her fitting, giving Kara only an hour to prepare her for the runway show. Her excuse- her mother, who usually wakes her up, was out of town. As a result of her irresponsibility, she was dropped by her agency.

    • None of the models were eliminated in this episode.

    • Daniel's goof was not doing more with his outfit. Even though he spent a lot of time perfecting it, in the end his design still resembled garbage bags and butcher paper.

    • Mary was the first model eliminated.

    • Mario was the second designer eliminated.

    • Kara was the winner of the challenge. Her dress received the top bid of $405.

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    Allusions (47)

    • Daniel: (referring to his design) I'm imbuing the spirits of Picasso and Marcel DuChamp. Marcel DuChamp was a French-American artist associated with Surrealism and cubism. Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter and sculptor, co-founder of cubism.

    • Daniel: (in a New York accent) Mary, you're hired!
      Daniel was pretending to be Donald Trump on his TV show The Apprentice.

    • Kara Saun: (referring to Wendy) I'm really actually rooting for her alot, so I got up early this morning and went up to Wendy's and we just had a little fun Extreme Makeover.
      Extreme Makeover is a reality show that does Cinderella type makeovers which dramatically alter the lives of the participants.

    • Austin: (pitching his design to Sarah Hudson) I really loved your sort of Alice in Wonderland, I just loved that whole look. I thought that was lovely.

      Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is a novel by Lewis Carroll that was made into the classic Disney movie Alice in Wonderland, and is noted for it's psychedelic feel.

    • Vanessa: (referring to the broken needle stuck in her finger) Houston, we have a problem. This is the line made famous by the astronauts of the Apollo 13 mission.

    • Jay: She wanted Helmut Lang and this is kind of...
      Morgan: (reminding Jay of the other designer) Slash...
      Jay: Okay, Calvin Klein.

      Helmut Lang and Calvin Klein are both top labels known for their modern elegance, but Helmut Lang uses high-tech fabrics and more detail to highlight his designs, while Calvin Klein is more cally severe.

    • Alexandra: (finding a fabric she likes) It was kind of like a Missoni-ish. Tim: Oh yeah, that's Missoni.

      Missoni is a Milan-based fashion house in Italy by Rosita and Ottavio Missoni. Their designs have become famous thanks to their colorful patterns and stripes on wide-ranging fabrics, particularly knits.

    • Tim Gunn: (on creating a collection for the year 2055) So you need to think about the 2055 issues. Is it The Jetsons, or is it Blade Runner?
      The Jetsons is a Hannah-Barbera cartoon set in a Utopian future, and Blade Runner is a Harrison Ford movie set in dark, seamy cyberpunk future.

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