Couture Du Jour

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    This is a serious challenge: A couture dress in two days and another transatlantic judging. *spoilers*

    By tigrre, Sep 15, 2006

    Okay first of all I think they should have given the audience a clearer idea of what a couture gown is... maybe shown us a few pictures or something. It seemed like the designers weren\'t even totally clear on what was expected of them.

    Kanye: I\'d give him a B-. I liked a lot of elements of the dress but it just didn\'t all \"click\" together.

    Uli: I wasn\'t really as impressed as everyone else seemed to be. B+

    Michael: He was in way over his head with this one. But he managed to \"make it work.\" Still... this was a weak example of his work. B-

    Laura: The dress looked old and stale, regardless of how the collar travelled. C+

    Vincent (the loser): The fabrics were bad and the design was bad so Vincent is FINALLY gone. I can\'t believe he got this far.

    Jeffrey (the winner): This was the only dress that really impressed me. He took a risk and it paid off.moreless

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