Even Designers Get the Blues

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    Jackets are baaaaaddd

    By erin2992, Jul 04, 2008

    In this installment of Project Runway, the designers had to make an iconic look using Levi's jeans and cotton. I have to say that Rami's concept with the zippers was already done by Jeffrey in the season three finale. Jillian's and Victorya's coats weren't good, but Jillian's breakdown slash hallucination was odd. Christian's jean and jacket look was really neat and Chris's fringe thing wasn't as bad as the judges said it was. Ricky's was okay but I didn't think it deserved to win. Sweet P was saved yet again by the Yoda-style wisdom of Tim Gunn. This isn't by favorite episode of PR but it wasn't the worst by a long shot. Watch it.moreless

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