Fashion Week

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Quotes (8)

  • Michael Kors (about one of Wendy's blouses): I just thought it was out of step for you, because I saw where you were going, it was autumnal, it was you, and all of a sudden I got boobies, and I was like, 'What's going on with the boobies? Even if you were 25 and a size two you wouldn't wanna wear that.'

  • Jay: What if I was to win Project Runway?
    Jay's sister: You're going to get liposuction and get the heck out of Lehman!

  • Wendy: (showing Tim a picture made by her daughter Finley) Finley made this for the Judges. Tim Gunn: Great! Wendy: So she said, 'I'm going to paint this for the Judges.' Finley: No, I didn't. I just made it because, 'member I had nothing to do, and then you told me that I could paint!

  • Janet: (Jay's sister) I hope he gets a job out of this!

  • Jay: Everytime you take a poopy, think of us.

  • Jay: I feel like I can conquer the world now. And I will, damn it!

  • Heidi Klum: What are you gonna do now? Jay: Have a cigarette!

  • Jay: I'm a winner! I'm a winner! I'm so f*cking happy!

Notes (13)

  • Wendy created fifteen looks for Fashion Week instead of twelve in order to have some last minute flexibility for her Runway show.

  • Austin Scarlett also showed at Fashion Week, since the TV audience hadn't yet seen the episode with his elimination, and the producers wanted the identity of the final three to remain a surprise until the actual screening of the semi-finals was aired.

  • Jay turned down the $100,000 prize and the mentorship with Banana Republic. He signed a confidentiality agreement not to reveal his reasons, but he says in general that he would have had to sell out to keep it.

  • Instead of it's normal one hour format, this episode aired for two hours.

  • Julia is the winning model for Project Runway, Season 1!

  • Jenny was the 11th model eliminated, coming in 2nd place.

  • Melissa was the 10th model eliminated, coming in 3rd place.

  • Martinique was the 9th model eliminated.

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Trivia (3)

  • Wendy's car has plates reading "SEWBEIT".

  • In the opening sequence, they show a picture of Nancy O'Dell wearing Wendy's Grammy dress- but no feathers!

  • The first model down the runway for Kara Saun's collection is Ann Markley, who came in fourth in America's Next Top Model Cycle 3.

Allusions (3)

  • Kara Saun: (telling Tim Gunn what inspired her collection) The whole concept, um, what I call it is 'flight'. One day I just decided to take a break and go to the movies and I went to see The Aviator.
    The Aviator is a movie about legendary aviator Howard Hughes which starred Leonardo di Caprio.

  • Tim Gunn: (visiting the mansion of Wendy's grandmother) Wendy, this is too much! This is like Dynasty!
    Dynasty was the 80s prime time soap opera of a wealthy, fictional Carrington family who living in Denver.

  • Tim Gunn: (critiquing a jacket made by Wendy) And this is looking, I don't know, Rue McClanahan on The Golden Girls.
    The Golden Girls was an 80s sitcom whose main characters were all older to elderly women, including the geriatric vamp Blanche played by Rue McClanahan.