On Thin Ice

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (5)

  • Robert Plotkin: (delivering a package to Emmet) You don't recognize me, do you? Emmet: (a long pause) Oh, yes, Mario. Robert Plotkin: Yeah, no, no, Jay! Emmet: Jay. Robert Plotkin: Jay!

  • Tim Gunn (about the ice-skating outfit they had to wear): Emmett, I'm sorry, they made me do it.

  • Tim Gunn (to Santino): Think about a way of responding to Michael and Nina that's less '**** you'.

  • Heidi (about Santino): I am ready to give Santino his 'Auf Weidersehen' today.

  • Nick (referring to Emmett's pink top): It was like International Male gone...g-g-g-g-gay!

Notes (3)

  • Andrae named his look Princess Cyclone, meaning it to evoke "a dark princess who is both dramatic and menacing".

  • Season One designer Robert Plotkin had a cameo in this episode. He dressed up in the USPS uniform he had to wear in the episode "Postal Service Challenge".

  • The world-class athlete being designed for was Olympic figure-skater Sasha Cohen.

Trivia (5)

  • Watch closely when the designers are skating with Sasha in the choo-choo. Santino pulls Emmet's pants down!

  • The guest judge for this challenge was figure-skater Sasha Cohen

  • Emmett, Santino, Chloe, Kara, and Zulema were the final five on the runway, representing "the best and the worst."

  • Emmett was eliminated this episode.

  • Zulema was the winner of this challenge.

Allusions (1)

  • Andrae: (referring to his design) It's just bad Valley of the Dolls.

    Valley of the Dolls is the best-selling 1966 novel by Jacqueline Susann, which was made into a film in 1967 starring Barbara Parkins, Sharon Tate and Patty Duke.