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    Ding dong Ricky is gone.

    By ebbydmp, Feb 08, 2008

    I love this episode! I think the challenge was crazy and off the wall, and did nothing to showcase them as designers. However, I loved seeing each of them make these crazy spandex outfits the same way they make regular clothes. Christian still made his signature fierce jacket and tight pants. Rami did his signature draping with a hint of old lady (he made her look like a 50 year old drag queen). Chris was in his element for the second time and made a fabulous little costume (I'm starting to wonder can he make actual fierce clothes). But the piece de resistance of the show was the judges FINALLY seeing that Ricky sucks. Somehoe every week they let him eek by with these pieces of crap he tried to pass off as clothes, and last week they had the audacity to say he won only on the basis that he finally made something good. I almost stopped watching the show because of that, but they totally redeemed themselves this week. Bravo, Project Runway.moreless

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  • 9.0

    The challenge was to make outfits for WWE's female characters.

    By addict666, Feb 07, 2008

    Yet another ridiculous challenge, but this one was really funny and the women wrestlers were really great clients. Rami's pink outfit was ugly, and the top part was atrocious. The blue wonder women inspired outfit was cut and those booty shorts were a little scandalous. Sweatpea's outfit was boring and ugly, she clearly didn't listen to what her women wanted and the color choice was bad and the execution was poor. In my opinion she should of went home over Ricky. That being said Ricky really just made a bathing suit and I really expected more out of him especially after the win last week.

    Now to my two favorites: Chris and Christian. Christian was great this week and he gave his client exactly what she asked for: pleather and lace. His outfit was really classy and the chaps were really hilarious. His signature of making a jacket continued and it really added to the overall look. But the best was definitely Chris, who was in his element. When he said he would wear that outfit if he could was classic and his outfit was great. The top was cute and he added the theme of a caged animal trying to escape. The gloves and short were great and the hoodie portion was great. I want a hoodie like that. The hood added a lot of drama and the sleeves were great.moreless

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