Proof Positive

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    By MonkeyLove, Aug 13, 2005

    What a pitiful, pitiful show. The premise was interesting, but it's sad when the only things that they can say are "proof positive" are those that they can't explain and should remain unproven. They should've been harder on their subjects, but the target audience (people that would watch ghost hunters or john edward) probably would've tuned out if they really tried.

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  • 9.5

    This show was cool.

    By cartman_lazlow, Jul 28, 2005

    Proof positive was cooler than french bread! I liked it alot cause paranormal stuff is cool. i would watch it every wednesday but nooooooooo they just had to take it away those crazy tv people. bring it back so it can at least have one viewer (me) thats all it needs right?

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