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  • Fake Psychic. Real Detectives.Shawn Spencer has developed a keen eye for detail after being instructed by his police officer father to note even the most minute details of his surroundings.After conning the police into believing that he's a psychic, Shawn opens a detective agency with best friend Burton Guster. Broadcast History (All times E/P):Season 8 - Wednesday, 9:00 pmSeasons 5-7 – Wednesday, 10:00 pmSeason 4, Episodes 10-16 – Wednesday, 10:00 pmSeason 4, Episodes 1-9 – Friday, 10:00 pmSeasons 1-3 – Friday, 10:00 pmmoreless

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  • S 8 : Ep 10

    The Break-Up

    Aired 3/26/14

  • S 8 : Ep 9

    A Nightmare on State Street

    Aired 3/19/14

  • S 8 : Ep 8

    A Touch of Sweevil

    Aired 3/12/14

  • S 8 : Ep 7

    Shawn and Gus Truck Things Up

    Aired 3/5/14

  • S 8 : Ep 6

    1967: A Psych Odyssey

    Aired 2/26/14

  • Cast & Crew
  • James Roday

    Shawn Spencer

  • Dule Hill

    Burton Guster

  • Timothy Omundson

    Carlton Lassiter

  • Maggie Lawson

    Juliet O'Hara

  • Kirsten Nelson

    Karen Vick

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    • Gus: (as he and Shawn are approaching a house) How should we introduce ourselves? Don't say psychic! They'll shut you off. Say something vague like Alternative Tactics Division. Shawn: How about the Bureau of Magic and Spell-casting?

    • Shawn: (using binoculars) What is the magnification of these things? Gus: 2X. Shawn: Okay, we really need to stop at Wal-Mart on the way home.

    • (Shawn and Gus run off with Katarina's bag and back to their car) Shawn: Gus, you locked the car?! Gus: It's a bad neighborhood!

    • Shawn: Go buy the bag. Gus: What, you want a souvenir of your ineptitude? Shawn: I need to get a better look inside the bag. Gus: I'm not going in there. That guy wants to kill us. Shawn: Gus, this guy works in a thrift store, OK? He's a big furry-hearted good Samaritan.

    • Thrift Store Guy: I've gone to jail for less than you. Gus: Jail's no fun. I'll tell you that much. Thrift Store Guy: Oh, you've been. Gus: Once. In Monopoly.

    • Shawn: (placing money in the bag) So, we've got five stacks going across. You figure four going longways. Ten stacks in each pile based on the wear and the indentation. I don't know, depending on the denomination, this could easily be five million dollars. Gus: You're kidding. Shawn: Yeah, give or take. Gus: You got that from a groove on the side. Shawn: Oh, come on, Gus. Any small child could've figured that out.

    • Lucinda: You here to scope out the new meter maids? Shawn: No, I am here to see you. Lucinda: Not interested. Shawn: I know. You have someone special. He's married and/or separated.

    • Shawn: (picking up a gun) Wow, they're so much lighter when they're filled with water.

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    Notes (320)

    • Original International Airdates:
      Finland: Tuesday, July 14, 2015 on MTV3

    • This special was produced for USA Network by Wilshire Studios.

    • Crew Adds and Clarifications: Chris Henderson (Xpressions Operator), John Espe (Tape Operator), Maddie Merritt (Teleprompter), Curtis franz (Jib Operator), Michael Dunn (Field Camera Operator), Joesh Wright  (Field Audio Mixer), Eric Sauppe (Audio Engineer), Stacy Ellen Rich (Wardrobe), Kacey Barnes (Wardrobe), Sandra Lim (Graphics Producer), Danielle Velarde (Art Director/Designer), Reuben Lee (Executive Creative Director), Rachell Hayward (Coord, Rights & Clearances), Marcos Montenegro (A-2), Dave Wolcott (A-2), Gary Hauser (Utility), Travis Hills (Studio Manager), Maria Soto (Studio Coordinator), Christine Treibel (Art Production Manager), Willshire Studios (Gary Auerbach, Sam Sarkoob, Erin Scarola)

    • This special aired directly after the Psych series finale, from 10:05 pm to 11:05 pm ET.

    • Anne Dudek's character had a negative response to the test audience and was removed after the first episode.

    • The show's theme song is sung by the Friendly Indians, of which Steve Franks, creator of Psych, is a member.

    • Filming Location: The majority of Psych is filmed in White Rock, BC, Canada, which is the backdrop of Santa Barbara, CA.

    • International Airdates: Germany – 30 October 2007 on RTL Australia – 04 December 2007 on TEN Czech Republic – 07 May 2008 on Prima Finland – 05 January 2009 on MTV3 South Africa – 18 February 2009 on SABC 3

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    Trivia (309)

    • Goof: When the Chief asks Lucinda to tell Shawn to leave, she opens and closes the door to the Chief's office, but in the next shot, when Lassiter comes out, the door is open.

    • Goof: During Gus' introduction, when Shawn walks into Gus' office, the door is open and closed between shots.

    • Pineapple Spotting: Shawn finds one in Gus' kitchen and asks if he should slice it up.

    • Psych-out: Shawn channels Michael Jackson as he and Gus perform a riveting duet of "Man in the Mirror".

    • Trivia: Shawn's dad once had him arrested (when he was 18) for stealing a car. As the story goes, Shawn was out with a girl, who "had a reputation" and Shawn's dad was trying to "teach [him] a lesson".

    • Trivia: Shawn has had 57 jobs since high school (58 counting Psych), including in an acupuncture clinic and driving the Weinermobile.

    • Trivia: This episode establishes Gus's nose as the "Super-smeller".

    • Miklós is a Hungarian name, not a Czech. The Czech form is Mikuláš.

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    Allusions (281)

    • Lassiter: Hey Carnac, where the hell am I supposed to be going? Carnac the Magnificent is a role played by Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

    • Spellmaster: "Onion"? Even Dan Quayle could spell that! Vice President Dan Quayle misspelled the word potato as "potatoe," and forced a student to "fix" his correct spelling, while judging an elementary school spelling bee in Trenton, New Jersey, on June 15, 1992. He was relying on the answers provided to him by the school, but received a lot of bad press for his mistake.

    • Shawn:(looking at the Spellmaster) What is he, the Phantom of the Opera?
      The Phantom of the Opera is a fictional character in the French novel by Gaston Leroux as well as the main character in the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical of the same title. The Phantom is a disfigured genius who hides in an opera house from below, and runs the Opera House via terrorizing those who occupy it.

    • Lacey: I think I'm having sympathy Bridezilla.
      Bridezillas is a reality show about brides-to-be that become insane in lieu of making sure all their wedding plans come together.

    • Shawn: Oh. Uh, Lassiter has this insane idea that this is an elaborate heist like on par with Ocean's Eleven or Thomas Crown or, uh, the one where they kill Sutherland in the first 10 minutes, uh remake. Ocean's Eleven was released in 1960 and then remade in 2001. The Thomas Crown Affair was released in 1968 and then remade in 1999. The last movie that Shawn is referencing is The Italian Job. The original was released in 1969 and remade in 2003.

    • Shawn: (about Meredith Baxter Birney) I loved her because she is Mrs. Keaton, and she gave birth to APK. This references Baxter-Birney's role on the 1980s comedy Family Ties, where she played the mother of Michael J. Fox's Alex P. Keaton.

    • Shawn: We're gonna find the Dread Pirate Wilcroft's dirty booty. Referring to the Dread Pirate Roberts of The Princess Bride

    • Shawn:...I see it onNumb3rsall the time and it seems to work for them.
      Numb3rs is a television show that's based on the coming together of police work and mathematics to solve crimes.

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