100 Clues

Season 7, Ep 5, Aired 3/27/13
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  • Episode Description
  • A VIP party thrown by a has-been rock star turns into a murder mystery weekend for Shawn and Gus.

  • Cast & Crew
  • James Roday

    Shawn Spencer

  • Dule Hill

    Burton Guster

  • Timothy Omundson

    Carlton Lassiter

  • Maggie Lawson

    Juliet O'Hara

  • Kirsten Nelson

    Karen Vick

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  • Notes (4)

    • International Air Date:
      Canada: August 12, 2013 on Global
      Finland: February 3, 2015 on MTV3

    • Crew Clarifications and Additions: Julies Ashton (Casting by), Candice Elizinga (Canadian Casting), Elizabeth House (A Camera 1st Assistant), George Majoros (B Camera 1st Assistant), Burton Franks (Technical Consultant), Janelle Reyes (Post Production Supervisor), Lauren Haroutunian (Post Production Assistant), Tim Goessling (Assistant to C. Henze/K. Kulchak), Rachael Paradis (Writer's Production Assistant)

    • The end of this episode had a dedication card sequenced after the end credits that read, "Dedicated to the Memory of MADELINE KAHN". Madeline Kahn, who passed away on December 3, 1999, played Mrs. White in the 1985 movie Clue, written by John Landis and Jonathan Lynn and directed by Jonathan Lynn. This episode was a parody of that movie. Both the movie and this episode's cast included Lesley Ann Warren (Miss Scarlet), Christopher Lloyd (Professor Plum) and Martin Mull (Colonel Mustard).

    • Special billing was given to Martin Mull (Special Guest Star) and Lesley Ann Warren (Special Guest Star) for this episode.

    Trivia (1)

    • Pineapple Spotting: The doorbell at the mansion where the party is held is pineapple shaped.

    Allusions (2)

    • The screaming doorbell is an allusion to the doorbell in the movie Murder By Death that also screamed. Clue itself has several allusions in it to Murder By Death.

    • Martin Kahn: Great Scott!

      This is the famous exclamation of Doctor Emmett L. Brown, the character portrayed by Christopher Lloyd in the Back to the Future franchise.

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    • kyravon Jun 22, 2014

      Amusing Clue parody. Enjoyed that they had 3 of the original guests in the episode and set it in a similar mansion with secret rooms. Liked how they incoporated some of the lines from the film, but I think anyone who hasn't seen the movie (in a long time or at all) won't get the "one by one by one by one" or the ending quote" we're going to go home and sleep with our wives" (it was the last line in the original film). I'm a little surprised they didn't use the Monkey Brains line since I was expecting it when Gus kept talking about the food.

    • kyravon Jun 22, 2014

      Saw in someone else's post that the followed the original movie in showing different endings in different places - which I think is great. Unfortunately, unlike when it shows you all the different Clue endings, Netflix only shows the East Coast version if you watch it online. The other version (West Coast) can be found on the Psych website.

    • kyravon Jun 22, 2014

      This comment has been removed.

    • Eiramarie Feb 04, 2013

      This is the 100. episode! Based on 'Clue' and 'Blair Witch Project'.

    • raineyroo22 Aug 03, 2014

      I think you may be thinking about
      Psych Season 7 Episode 3
      Lassie Jerky
      Which would be the episode where Shawn and Gus meet two college coeds in the woods to film footage of a "bigfoot" that has been seen in the area.

    • kyravon Jun 22, 2014

      I didnt' catch any allusions to Blair Witch Project at all? What parts were referencing it?