Forget Me Not

Season 1, Ep 9, Aired 1/19/07
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  • Episode Description
  • Henry's old captain believes he's solved a murder, but his Alzheimer's has caused him to forget the most important details: the crime, and who committed it. Henry calls in Shawn and Gus who find themselves investigating a murder that happened decades ago – or was it just the other day? – and only the faulty memory of the retired officer gives them any hope of closing the case.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Corbin Bernsen

    Henry Spencer

  • Dule Hill

    Burton Guster

  • James Roday

    Shawn Spencer

  • Kirsten Nelson

    Karen Vick

  • Maggie Lawson

    Juliet O'Hara

  • Fan Reviews (14)
  • Forget Me Not

    By AJLane-TCP, Mar 31, 2012

  • this was a good ep

    By cube2k8, May 13, 2010

  • Shawn and Gus are visited by Tish and her father retired Capt. Conners of the SBPD. Connors claims that he has witness some murders and hires the boys to investigate. Shawn's father tells Shawn to drop it as Captain Conners has early onset Alzheimer's.

    By jyarter, Jun 22, 2009

  • LOL "Simba I am your father." LOL A great episode!

    By SweetMissJaye, Jun 12, 2008

  • A mountain lion framed of a murder

    By franstrh, Sep 07, 2007

  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (4)

    • Gus: Shawn, in case you're confused, "closed" means "go away, stay out." Shawn: Yes, in the negative language dictionary, which is clearly the only edition you own. But in the positive language edition, "closed" means "Come in, step over the chain. There's so many less people to trample all over what you're looking for."

    • Shawn: Simba, I am your father. Gus: I don't think Mufasa said that. Shawn: Mufasa, Vader, it's all James Earl Jones.

    • Gus: What are you doing? We don't know anything about delivering warthog babies. Shawn: Ah, babies are babies. You just pull it out at the right time. The real question is, are you allergic to placenta?

    • Shawn: Captain Conners, how are you sir? Conners: Look at you fellas, all grown up. How long's it been? Shawn: About a day. Gus: Less, actually.

    Notes (1)

    • International Airdates Germany – 08 January 2008 on RTL Czech Republic – 23 July 2008 on Prima Finland – 02 March 2009 on MTV3

    Trivia (6)

    • Gus' Alias: Dr. McTock

    • When Shawn removes the poster of Mike, we can see two ads. One is a want ad for a "Green Spirit Strikes Again" collector comic, and the 2nd is a reward ad for a lost "Vintage Gold Pocket Watch" with the inscription: Don't lose..Henry. The 1st is a reference to episode 1.8 "Shawn Vs. the Red Phantom," in which Shawn destroys Gus' collector comic book. The 2nd is to 1.6 "Weekend Warriors," in which Shawn's dad buys him a gold watch like he used to own.

    • Pineapple Spotting: Shawn says the coffee shop has double chocolate mango pineapple scones.

    • Nitpick: When Shawn and Gus are under the blanket on the couch at the ranger's cabin, right after Shawn says "We've got work to do", he grabs his cup of soup with his left hand, and the handle is on the other side. But, in the next shot when he gets up, he's holding the cup by the handle.

    • Nitpick: In this episode, it is said that Zoe Sharp was killed 20 years ago. Shawn says she was killed 20 years ago, when Mike was a baby. Captain Connors also says that she was killed in 1986. The poster of Mike, however, states that his age is 26, when he should actually be 20 or 21 if his mother died when he was a baby.

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    Allusions (1)

    • Shawn: Simba I am your father. Gus: Mufasa never said that. Shawn: Mufasa, Vader, it's all James Earl Jones. Shawn is referring to The Lion King and Star Wars where both Darth Vader and Mufasa were voiced by James Earl Jones.

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