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    The things people will do for money!!

    By ladysuzanne, May 15, 2012

    I feel like they are teaching the kids that it,s ok to lie to the public and yeah if you want to earn money this is how you do it lie, cheat and decive everyone!! If these kids are what they say then they should.nt be lead in the wrong direction.AS for chasing demons away ,I dont think that you could do that so easy and wow By any means they are making money these days and really fooling the public. I feel for the kids being taught to go down the wrong path!!


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    These kids can all see dead people. Those dead people are really scaring the crap out of them, so now they're getting help in telling the ghosts to get the hell out.

    By StonydaShifter, Jul 04, 2008

    It's pretty cool. I love watching these creepy ghost shows. It's not your average ghost show, where they just explain the history of a haunted location. It's a lot more out there, and a lot more modern. It's not just someone recounting a paranormal experience that happened years ago. It's kids living that paranormal experience in the here and now. It would be WAY more interesting, though, if the actual ghost showed up on camera. THAT would be cool. If the ghost just showed up on camera like he or she shows up to these kids and starts yelling at the cameraman or the audience or the kids. THAT would be AWESOME!moreless

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