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    I hated how they cutted off Ashley's singing ''kiss the girl'' They think it's funny but it aint, some people wanna hear her singing, they just jealous of ashley's singing soft voice, so they cut off her vocals, nice going ASHTON!

    By MovieViewer1000, Apr 21, 2007

    Ashley Tisdale from high school musical gets punk'd when a child at the hospital is her biggest fan, and wakes up and he wasn't really in a coma, he woke up when ashley sang, but SOMEONE cutted out her voices when she was singing the song. Then things get a little complicated the boy faking his coma says to Ashley that he wasn't really in a coma, he was doing it only to miss out on school, Ashley tries again to sing the song and it was cutted off again, I was really pi$$ed about that...moreless

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