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  • S 2 : Ep 13


    Aired 6/13/09

  • S 2 : Ep 12

    Water and Power

    Aired 6/6/09

  • S 2 : Ep 11

    Window Dressed to Kill

    Aired 5/30/09

  • S 2 : Ep 10

    The Norwegians

    Aired 12/17/08

  • S 2 : Ep 9

    The Legend of Merle McQuoddy

    Aired 12/10/08

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  • Lee Pace


  • Anna Friel

    Charlotte "Chuck" Charles

  • Chi McBride

    Emerson Cod

  • Jim Dale


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    Young Ned

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  • This romantic comedy shows us the fairy tale-like world of Ned, a man who can bring dead people back to life through the power of his touch. The same touch he must use to "kill" them after no more than a minute or another person will die. With the help of Emerson, a local PI, Ned uses his ability to solve murder cases and cash in on any rewards. But things get complicated when a murder victim turns out to be Ned's long-lost childhood crush and he decides to break the rules and let her live. show is created by Bryan Fuller, who has brought us fantasy series such as Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me. The series shares the quick-witted comedy and darker emotions of Fuller's previous shows.moreless

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  • Quotes (590)

    • Narrator: Chuck came ready-made from the Play Dough factory of life.

    • Ned: What if you didn't have to be dead? Chuck: That would be preferable.

    • Ned: I wish I could give you an emotional Heimlich so you could cough up that fear and anxiety, but I can't.

    • Leo: (points to his missing right jaw area) Do I have something right here? Ned: No, there's nothing right there.

    • Emerson: (About Leo's "alleged" murderer, his dog, Cantaloupe) Cantaloupe was framed; someone put a part of the victim in her mouth. Ned: Huh. Emerson: Hey, docile as a kitten, says the family. Ned: Despite it being a Chow, the breed most likely to turn on its owner? Emerson: Hey, hey! That's racial profiling.

    • Lily: And the food is perfectly atrocious. Unless she enjoyed vomiting and diarrhea, I can't imagine she had a good last meal. Emerson: A good last meal can go a long way. Our penal system makes a point of it.

    • Emerson: I'm glad you did it. It makes the worst thing I ever did seem insignificant. Ned: Listen to you, all judgy judge. Emerson: "Judgy judge"?

    • Shiny Shoes Killer: (while holding Chuck's dead body, he finds her cabin on the ship is locked and he can't obtain the monkeys) Oh, for Pete's sake. This is a nightmare!

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    Notes (77)

    • Michael Weaver was nominated for the 2008 ASC Award for "Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in Movies of the Week/Mini-Series'/Pilot" for this episode. Michael Wylie and William J. Durrell Jr. were nominated for the 2008 Excellence in Production Design Award for "Television - Single Camera Television Series" for this episode. Barry Sonnenfeld, Gabriela Vazquez, Chris Soldo, Greg Hale and Renee Hill won the 2008 DGA Award for "Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Comedy Series" for this episode. Bryan Fuller was nominated for the 2008 Edgar Award for "Best Television Episode Teleplay" for this episode. Craig Weiss Toni, Pace Carstensen, Brian Vogt and Jimmy Berndt were nominated for the 2008 VES Award for "Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Broadcast Program" for this episode. Bryan Fuller was nominated for the 2008 WGA Award (TV) for "Episodic Comedy" for this episode.

    • For this episode, Bryan Fuller was nominated for an Emmy for "Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series." The episode was also nominated for "Outstanding Art Direction For A Single-camera Series", "Outstanding Costumes For A Series", "Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series" and "Outstanding Picture Editing For A Comedy Series (single Or Multi-camera)." It won the latter two.

    • International Airdates: Denmark: February 1, 2008 on SBS Net Israel: April 9, 2008 on YES Stars 1 Latin America: April 10, 2008 on Warner Channel United Kingdom: April 12, 2008 on ITV1 Thailand: July 17, 2008 on True Series The Netherlands: August 19, 2008 on Net 5 Belgium: October 8, 2008 on VT4 Germany: October 22, 2008 on ProSieben Greece: November 8, 2008 on Star Channel Finland: January 20, 2009 on Sub Norway: February 1, 2009 on TV3 Australia: April 7, 2009 on W Russia: May 19, 2009 on NTV Sweden: June 21, 2009 on TV3 Czech Republic: January 3, 2010 on Prima Slovakia: July 26, 2010 on Markiza

    • Differences between the aired version and the screener version: * The exterior of The Pie Hole has changed. The apartment that Ned lives in is now over the crust instead of as a separate building next to the restaurant. * Vivian's line after Ned's response to "Do you like girls?": "Didn't want to assume" was deleted. * There are some score cue changes. * Part of the scene between Emerson, Ned and the aunts was re-shot, and another shot of Chuck looking in the window was added. * Matthew Miltenberger's death was changed from being murdered in a public restroom to being found dead in a lobster tank of a steak restaurant. Plus, he is a scuba diver, while in the screener version, his occupation is not given. * In the screener, the title of the show is not given until the end over the field of daisies. The title is now shown in a brief title sequence at the end of Act 1.

    • Some people compare Pushing Daisies to The Fabulous Destiny of Amélie Poulain, saying Pushing Daisies is inspired by Amélie. This connection can also be seen when Ned visits Chuck's aunts and the song "Guilty" by Gus Kahn and Richard A. Whiting, part of the soundtrack of Amélie, is being played.

    • The idea of a character able to touch dead people and bring them back to life was originally conceived as a storyline for Bryan Fuller's Showtime series Dead Like Me.

    • Pushing Daisies was officially given a 13 episode order by ABC on May 11, 2007.

    • The DVD version of this episode is missing the parrot's voice that imitates Chuck's Chinese translation of "The Jarlsberg is on the table". However, if one switches the language to Portuguese, it is there in the same voice as broadcast. Additionally, the DVD adds a line for the narrator after Jeanine says, "Well I figured it out."

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    Trivia (45)

    • Digby's eyelid moves right before Ned touches him.

    • The booth seats in the Pie Hole are green while in the other episodes they're green with a half circle of white.

    • Before Ned touches Chuck, her eyelids move.

    • When Deedee is about to be revived, and Chuck removes the plastic bag from her head, you can see that she is breathing (her upper torso moves) and that her eyelids move.

    • Right after Chuck is alive again she has to get into the coffin to be hidden. She lays her head down to the right side of the coffin, despite the fact that the pillow was on the other side when she was dead.

    • The town name "Cœur d'Cœurs is incorrect French. Since "cœurs" begins with a consonant, it should be "Cœurs de cœurs". "Cœur de cœurs" means "heart of hearts," as in the heart of something that is made of hearts. The expression is similar to the type of white wine "blanc de blancs": white wine that comes from white grapes.

    • The angle on Aunt Lily's view/non-view of Chuck is incorrect. Given the angle, Lily should be able to see Chuck with her left unimpaired eye, which has a view ahead of her out beyond the angle of the wall. The wall on her right would impede her right eye, assuming she could see with it, but it wouldn't block her left eye as shown.

    • The end credits erroneously say that Matthew Miltenberger's first name is Martin.

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    Allusions (74)

    • Narrator: Only Sleeping Beauty could know how she felt at this moment. Once again, a reference to the fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. This time it is from the point of view of the princess.

    • Narrator: Only Prince Charming could know how the piemaker felt upon looking at her. Allusion to the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty in which the kiss of a young prince awakens a princess who had been sleeping for 100 years after a curse was placed upon her.

    • Movie marquee: Arsenic And Old Lace As they succeed in their escape, prior to meeting Olive at the Pie Hole, they pass an old-style movie theatre with Arsenic And Old Lace on the marquee. Arsenic And Old Lace is a classic Capra screwball comedy from the mid forties starring Cary Grant, Peter Lorre, Raymond Massey, and Josephine Hull. Grant plays a man who realizes that not only are some of his family members nuts, but that they all are -- even his two charming old lady aunts have been quietly murdering the homeless and burying them in their basement.

    • Titanic In Jeanine's memory when her and Bernard are in the dandelion car, a hand appears in a fogged up window, similar to the love-scene in the car in Titanic.

    • Emerson: Who do you think hooked us up with Corpse Bride? Emerson refers to Chuck as the Corpse Bride, which is the title of a movie by Tim Burton, whose movies are probably a role model for the look of the world of Pushing Daisies.

    • Ned: I wanted to be a Jedi. In the Star Wars movies, Jedi Knights are protectors of peace and justice. They use light sabers, a type of futuristic laser-sword. Ned apparently wanted to be able to duel as they did and picked up some skills.

    • Chuck mentions several times in this episode the character created by A. A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh, as Emerson is stuck in a window, with half body inside the house and half outside, as seen in Winnie the Pooh many times.

    • Ned: It's raining dead birds. When a dead bird falls from the sky, this is a spoof of a similar scene in Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds.

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