For Your Love; Trilogy, Part 2

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    By QuantumLeapFan, Sep 25, 2012

    Call me a hopeless romantic or whatever, I love the Trilogy. I can't help but feel for Sam as he struggles with his love for Abagail and wanting a normal life with people he loves versus doing what he is there to do. Of course, in the end he puts right what is wrong and leaps. The scene in the nursing home where Sam is going to pieces is heartbreaking.

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    Romance in Time

    By sh811a, Apr 04, 2007

    I have seen a lot of cliffhangers before but this is one of the best darn ones I've ever seen because it's the most emotionally engaging and easy to emphisise with. Part two I thought was a lot better than part one, because Abigail becomes grown up, even more three dimentional and sympatetic than before. Other than the the plot itself it's more or less important but does lead up to something so I would pay attention. The most important and beautiful thing about Trilogy is Sam and Abigail's love dynamic with one another. I thought it was rather sweet how at little moments, and it was mainly the way Abigail looked at the person Sam leaped into, she litterally senses his presence and we see from everything Sam does it makes her see past the facade and love Sam more. And we see whenever Sam talks to her that he is struggling to let himself be seen by her, from all the things he says to her it's all him, his stuttering chracteristic of the person he leaped into is that one facade he's trying to punch though and of course he does and in a way it's finally all him soul if not body. One of my favorate moments is the monaloge,dialogue with both Al and Sam in that institute. We hear Sam's frustration, how the hero role he has to play is making him more and more lonely and that even he's has wants, needs, desires, and limits that all need to be acknoledged. It's kinda a lot of peoples common dillema, depending on what role we play with our lives (doctor, writter, policeman, take your pick) it can divide us on what we really need the most. But due to his occpation which unfortunately has no option to resign, it's just tragically not possible for Sam to stay with Abigail. And he says my favorate quote in this episode, "Even heroes are human" indeed they are.

    In a way it sort of gets at the theme about one of the things that love really is. How everyone of us really do have a soulmate out there, he/she may not be visible to the naked eye but they do exist, their out there somewhere we just have to look not just with our eyes but with our hearts.moreless

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    In the Trilogy Part Two, Sam leaps into Abigail's life again as an adult, and Sam finds himself as her fiance.

    By Simdroplets, Jul 31, 2006

    The absolute best episode of Quantum Leap ever. The passion shared between Abigail and Sam is just beautiful. Maybe this episode has such a tremendous effect because we were already established with the characters from Part One, whereas the whole concept of Quantum Leap is with each leap, we have to get to know the characters all over again. But whatever the exact magic was, this episode, out of all of the seasons, out of all of the hours my mom taped off of USA, this one stuck with me out of them all, and it is just the best.moreless

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