Lee Harvey Oswald (2)

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    By rsd1244, Jan 06, 2013

    Better then the first episode dramatic conclusion.

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    In the Eyes of a Killer

    By sh811a, Apr 05, 2011

    This was a contrivercial two parter, it was a risky move having Sam leap into one of the most notorious assasin's ever. But it worked, it's true it was unfun territory but it was disturbing, intriging and suspenseful, at times I found myself hoping to God Sam and Al could stop the assisination.

    This episode came out close to the same time as Oliver Stone's "JFK" which I'll admit is errie. But that film was mainly about the theories of the possiblity of there being a second shooter and a possible conspircy organizaion which conducted the act. This two parter is more of an analysis and character study on Lee Hardy Oswold as well as some facts and even theories on the man's life. Whether most or all of what happened in his life, like being a former KGB agent is true or not can still not be confirmed.

    We see portions of Oswolds life through Sam's leaping and what Sam experences and acts upon. We see the Lee is someone that is completely broken and over the edge. I really like how they make this guy human which makes him all the more scary and evil.

    Some would say the circumstances he's been though have pushed him to do it, but personally I just think those were just what fueled whatever anger he felt inside all his life and what he chose to do with it is what drove him. Do I hate this guy, I won't answer that but anyone that harms or kills people I know or don't know that are innocent are unforgiveable. It also give you a bit of a sick feeling, because it really made me think how many more people like Lee are out there. How many more are thinking of assasinating an important figure or just a simple innocent person. Despite everything we do to protect others and ourselves it still might not be enough.

    The ending is a twist that is just haunting and sad. Sometimes evil can't be stopped.moreless

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